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Is This the Best Time for the Housing Market?

In these days and times, patience is a virtue that few seem to be able to exercise. We live in the age of fast food drive-thrus and microwaves, a place where waiting is not something we do too well. For those people in the housing market who couldn’t wait to buy a home and made a housing purchase between 2005 and 2007, you likely overpaid and overleveraged yourself in a house that you could not afford. What is worse, is that the sound investment you thought you were making has loss substantial value and is no longer and investment, but rather a financial nightmare. If you were patient and waited to buy, you’re in great shape and your patience has paid off. While most see the economy as down, savvy homebuyers know that it is the deals to pop up in your city.

With millions of foreclosed homes and short-sales, it really is a buyer’s market. Smart financial planning basics tell us that when the economy is down, the go-getters look for deals. Real estate prices have bottomed out, and although the best deals have probably passed, there are still great buys. Chances are your neighbors are suffering financially and want to get out of their mortgage, so they’re pricing their home to sell quickly. This is the best time for housing market deals. It’s as simple as that. If you want to get out of your mortgage and downsize, it is best to come up with to spruce up your house. Eco-friendly home ideas implemented in the right way can help your home sell faster. The best time for housing market deals is now. You can get a great home to live in or find a fixer-upper you can flip for a profit.

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