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Top 10 Diuretic Foods Everyone Should Remember

Diuretic Foods

  • Caffeine and fruits with high water content are great choices for diuretic foods that will help reduce edema
  • Diuretic herbs like parsley and horseradish can provide numerous health benefits, too
  • Oats, cranberries, and tomatoes act as diuretic foods while also providing other healthy compounds the body needs

Diuretic foods are a great choice if you suffer from fluid retention or if you want to shed water weight faster in efforts to cut down on the pounds. Just make sure that you still consume plenty of fluids while partaking in diuretic herbs, foods, and beverages. Otherwise, you could end up dehydrated. Here are some of the best choices in a countdown order, some are well known, some may come a complete surprise for you.

10. Green Tea

The presence of green tea on the list of top diuretic foods should not be a surprise since the beverage seems to be useful for so many health purposes. In this case, however, it’s most likely the high level of caffeine it contains that provides the diuretic properties. and any caffeinated beverages will have similar effects.

9. Watermelon

Watermelon, as well as other melons with a high concentration of water, is a great choice because they provide a good source of nutrients and fluids that will cause the diuretic effects but that will also help you stay well hydrated.

8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are known to contain many healthy compounds, including Vitamin C, but their high water content also spurs the kidneys into releasing higher levels of fluids and washing away the bad stuff from our bodies at a faster rate.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Not only is apple cider vinegar a tasty salad dressing but it is well-known as one of the best diuretic foods available. Additionally, this vinegar can help stabilize your potassium levels which can become imbalanced if you use too many diuretics.

6. Asparagus

If you ever needed a good reason to increase your intake of asparagus, here’s one. This vegetable contains an important alkaloid compound known to boost the performance of the kidneys which means you’ll be flushing out more toxins and wastes from your body, as well as dropping a lot of that extra water weight.

5. Artichokes

Since ancient Roman times, artichokes have been known for their diuretic properties. Today, they are known to be a huge help for kidney problems and for helping you release excess fluid from your body. They also contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients the body needs for good health.

4. Parsley

Once assumed to be just a decoration on a platter of steak, parsley is now known to be one of the best diuretic herbs available. You can purchase the dried herb version and sprinkle a little on almost anything you eat. It’s particularly great on potatoes and other vegetable dishes.

3. Cranberries

Already recognized as one of the preventatives against bladder and urinary infections, cranberries are also effective as diuretics. It helps fight against edema and is definitely one of the best foods or juices women should have in their diet at all times.

2. Oats

Oats are already a great fighter against high cholesterol but they are also effective in combating fluid retention. That’s because they contain silica, a natural compound known to work as a diuretic in the body. It’s just another reason to eat more whole oats and oatmeal.

1. Horseradish

As far as diuretic herbs go, horseradish is probably one of the most surprising. This bitter-tasting herb (or spicy-tasting if you go with the Japanese version) contains more Vitamin C than most citrus fruits. Plus, it can help fight your cold and your inflammation thanks to some of its compounds. Add a little to your favorite sandwich or mix some wasabi (made from Japanese horseradish) in your soy sauce to make a tasty dip for sushi, vegetables, or even French fries.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.