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10 Tips How to Get Rid of Face Pigmentation – Update with More Information.

Many different remedies exist that help eliminate birthmarks and face pigmentation. Some of them can be found right in your kitchen. Here we will discuss 15 things you can do to help avoid face pigmentation.

1) You can mix a few drops of lemon juice with cream and apply this mixture to your face for a few minutes. This will create a natural acne treatment and an effective duller of skin discoloration.

2)Try exfoliating your skin with oatmeal, milk, and brown sugar and mixing it in equal parts. This is useful for cleansing the skin from dead cells; it can also lighten sun-caused pigmentation spots.

3)Pour lemon juice onto basil leaves. This is great for getting rid of pigmentation marks and dark circles that may have been a long-time problem. Place them all around your face and your skin should lighten up.

4)Almonds are considered to be one of the best remedies for tan spots. First you will need to soak the almonds overnight. Then, after grinding them, add milk to create a paste. Apply the paste to the places where you have dark spots.

5)Try boiling cumin seeds and then washing your face with the water afterwards. This will wash away unwanted marks, thereby making your skin more beautiful.

6)Once a month you can try bleaching the affected area. There are numerous creams and lotions you can use for this, but you will need to try different ones to see which one works best for you.

7)Dilute some vinegar in water and apply to the face. Rinse and let it dry on its own. The acetic acid is the element in vinegar that will help you reduce that dark coloring.

8)Grind up some dried orange peels and mix them with a little water. Then apply the resulting paste to the face. This should easily clear up face pigmentation, and even better, it may help you eliminate some pimples, if you have any.

9)Always use sunscreens with at least 15 SPF if you are prone to skin pigmentation. The sun is always harsh on sensitive skin, even when it may be cold outside. Sunscreen is the first step to preventing hyper-pigmentation.

10)Grind up banana and guava into a paste. Apply it all around the face. This will decrease the of pigmentation and improve the overall feel of the skin.

11)Apply lime (nimbu) to the affected area, and after 15 minutes wash it off. This needs to be done on a daily basis. You could also apply it overnight once in a while; then wash it off the next morning.

12)Some foods to avoid if you have face pigmentation: coffee, tea, chocolate, ice cream, pastries, toffees, acidic things, spices called garam masala. Also, it is not advisable to use cosmetics that are chemical based on your face.

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27 Responses to “10 Tips How to Get Rid of Face Pigmentation – Update with More Information.”

  1. 1
    charlie Says:
    somebody help me what do i use first ?when i was 18 i gave birth to my daughter i had a pigmatation mask on my face then ,it went after giving birth but every summer it came back even worse even while using sun block on my face, as the years went by iv lost so much confidence in myself nobody can understand how much ?i had patches on my top lip and my forhead and then at 25 i gave birth to my son and the patches have even got worse they are also along my left side of my face and have gotten alot darker and my chin too im now 30 and my face is a disgrace to me ,it has really really brought me down so much i hate to even look in the mirror now can someone write back please and help me please.........
  2. 2
    Rev Says:
    Hi, The fresh cream referred to in this article is milk cream, i.e. the creamy layer that you get on top of boiled milk.
  3. 3
    saiqa Says:
    hi i find it hard to get rid of marks as well but from experience i found it iportant to b heathy inside as well as outside. creams only work if you healthy,when i ill or depressed my marks look even darker, lighting glycerin is very good it has worked for me,my skin looks heatlty and lots of people hav commented on how young and well i look and the best think is it only cost 3.99!
  4. 4
    Jyoti Says:
    I m suffering from pigmentation since from last 2 years on nose and cheeks area. Can u plzz tel me the best home made method or cream or balm which is best effective for removing pigmentation problem. Tel me the duration period of applying such method or cream. This year in september i having my marriage.. Plz help me to get rid of this. Waiting for ur reply. Plz reply soon.
  5. 5
    raja Says:
    i am 18 n have some dark spots on my cheeks.it looks very ugly.i tried out a cream AZIDERM-10% for 2 months,but of no use.plz suggest me some solution.
  6. 6
    sophy Says:
    I have been applying yoghurt instead of fresh cream, it 's working, but very slowly......
  7. 7
    zeenat Says:
    which fresh cream i have to buoght.........plz tel me its name...................
  8. 8
    Satisfy My Soul Says:
    Hyper-pigmentation is one of the MOST embarrassing skin problem a woman can have on her face. I have been dealing with it since late 2008 and it's extremely difficult to treat and not to mention all the steps needed to NOT hyper-pigment any more. I have spent a fortune on my face since late 08. I think I'm finally beginning to see results using azeliac acid soap, fresh lemon twice a day and hydroquinone 4 percent at night and of course keeping the skin very well moisturized with clinique moisturizer and drinking lots of water. To get to this point I tried so many things that I'm not sure whats working but I can't just sit and wait for weeks or months. I would feel like I'm doing absolutely nothing to help my problem. Before this I was so so happy with life and now the confidence that use to pour out of my veins is gone. I just need and MUST have it back! I have done 3 glycolic peels and 2 tca peels. The down time with peels really sucks but I feel these steps MUST be taken to achieve clear skin again; even if I don't see the results after I'm completely peeled. Also, from so much research that I have done I truly don't recommend any type of laser. As a matter of fact this is why I'm so hyper-pigmented. It's truly unfortunate I didn't do my research before. So the BEST piece of advice I could give is ALWAYS wear sunblock rain or shine, stay out of the sun and don't give up.
  9. 9
    Rohit Says:
    i have a pigmentation (sunbearn) in my face,i look disgusting and i fill unwell can u tell me how to reduse this..........plz help me
  10. 10
    geeta Says:
    your tips are good . but these tips donot tell us how long should 2 keep it on our face
  11. 11
    GIEHAAN Says:
    Thanks for the info will try these remedies out and will let you no if there is any differece
  12. 12
    Noel Says:
    I have patches on both sides of my cheek. I've been to dermatologist and he had a look at it and said it was pigmantation .He did a nitrogen burn on it and ask me to apply retin A cream. Burnt skin is now pealed off with and the two patches has gone darker. Its now 5 weeks and still no improvement. Can you please , please help to get rid of this patches.
  13. 13
    Lilly Says:
    Number 1 is Fresh Cream. What kind of cream? there's so many different kind of cream out there. do anyone know what kind of cream this article is talking about?
  14. 14
    thendup Says:
    which is the most effective cream,balm for pigmentation removal from the face
  15. 15
    jade Says:
    I have a pigmentation on my face, how to rid . . . please help me.
  16. 16
    Aman Says:
    hi...!! i hope all this stuff workk bt i m also suffering from same problm...! i think we should wht we eat..
  17. 17
    Anna Says:
    well i'm havin pigmentation on my face ..it's real embarassin ..no 1 understands ..my mom always says its not showin bad..BIG LIE...n i bought an anew cream which didnt work ..i think im gonna try lemonvate ...my mom doesnt want me to try blechin at a salon ..is she rite?
  18. 18
    wasim Says:
    use a derma shade lotion itz very good lotion fr sikn fr pegmentation & dark cicle
  19. 19
    hina Says:
  20. 20
    Shreeya Says:
    i have pigmentation on my cheeks and some on my forehead i look disgusting and i feel ugly which solution up there do you think is the best one that works the most efficient and quickly i dont wear make up if i have to i wear mascara n eyeliner maybe some lipgloss pleaseeeeeeee heeellppp i really like this guy but i cant impress him with this skin!!! =[ thanks please reply ASAP loves x
  21. 21
    Priya Says:
    Heya im gonna try the rose water and lemon solution how long will it take for my pigmentation to go? i have it on both sides of my cheeks and it really brings down my self esteem coz all the girls in my school have like flawless skin even if they block there face up with make up there skin is still perfect, i dont wear no make up never have and my skin is the worst :\ i will contact you if it works many thanks for these solutions there really helpful xxx
  22. 22
    Laura Says:
    In women, it is hormonal. Many women get it while pregnant and is also called a "pregnancy mask" or melasma. I first got it when on birth control pills, tI switched around the pills and it went away, came back then quit I using them entirely iand t went away when I quit. Then I had a hysterectomy (in 2003) and went on synthetic estrogen and it came back with a vengeance! It is on both sides of my face and forehead. I asked the dermatologist about laser, microdermabrasion, retin A, (anything!)and Hydroquinone cream the over the counter "age spot fader". His response: based on the layer of the skin with the hyperpigmentation, none of these things will work. He said to try the cream but NEVER to use it longer than 8 weeks because 1) if it hasn't worked by then, it won't work and 2) using it more than 8 weeks could actually damage the area making it DARKER. I have now switched to bioidentical hormones and am hoping to see some difference.
  23. 23
    khoba Says:
    Hi thanx for your tips.....It's true what ya wrote it's really ambressing n self confidence will be lost while having pigments on the face. It's some thing no one wanted. I bought a cream today for $100 and let's see what happens. indeed i wanted to go for photorejuvanation but they suggested me this cream bcz I'm a brown guy from Middle East. I hope it should bring some changes if not i'll go for ur tips.....
  24. 24
    uzma Says:
    Hi there! I have round pigmented area around my eyes on either side of my cheek bones,how to get rid of those marks. please help.
  25. 25
    tara Says:
    Firstly,do you use fresh cream that is bought from the supermarket? Secondly, I do have holy basiol growing in my garden..i would ike to try this, how long do i kepp it on my face and when will i start to see results. From my understading, i take the holy basil leaves and soak them in lemon juice and then place the leaves on the marks..please clerify. thanks. Tara NB Please respond to my email address below. tara.daya@za.nestle.com
  26. 26
    pigmentation Says:
    these are really very useful info
  27. 27
    smriti Says:
    superb tips.Am having also somehow pigmented skin over my forhead,please suggest me something better.