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Sweet Tea

There are many different ways to add sweetener to your teas so that you or your kids will enjoy their flavors more. While I drink my teas unsweetened, because I love to taste the flavor of the leaves or blends, I know that this is not always the preferred option for everyone. Below are three healthy ways to sweeten your bolder brews.

1) Fruit: The tastiest and healthiest option. Fruits have wonderful natural sugars and also add benefits such as vitamins and minerals. They can even help hydrate or build up your immune system.

2) Local Honey: Your local farms and farmers markets are the best place to purchase your honey from. Since the bees in your area pollinate locale plants that cause allergens, when you consume their honey you are helping your body build up immunity against the things that trigger your own allergies. I always use local honey in my samples to support these businesses and to teach this valuable information about honey. Plus it’s way more flavorful than mass produced honeys from chain super markets.

3) Sugar: If you must have your tea extra sweet, try to avoid any processed sugars, they aren’t very good for your body and they bring down the health benefits of your teas. Try instead raw, unprocessed sugars. They tend to have more of a molasses-like flavor, but they are better for you and have lower glycemic levels.

Remember though, to always try your teas plain first. Many teas have honey or fruity undertones that are subtly sweet on their own. Then if it’s not sweet enough go back and try fruit, honey, or unprocessed sugars, (in that order) if you need it sweeter still.
Do You Tea has a light and naturally sweet tea this summer, Raspberry Rejuvenation, that has white tea, raspberries, rose, hibiscus, and pomegranate seeds, give it a try without any added sweeteners!

Kelley Scruby is the owner of Do You Tea? in Hoboken, New Jersey. As the owner of a small, loose leaf tea business, Kelley is passionate about educating her customers on the benefits that come from drinking loose leaf tea. With a background at a major tea company, she was able to become an expert on the versatility of the beverage and is inspired in her own creations by the changing of the seasons and also desserts. Kelley created Do You Tea? with the confidence that she can help find a tea blend that works for any of her customers’ lifestyle and palate. As Do You Tea? continues to grow, Kelley hosts events and tastings that add a more interactive approach to the expansive world of loose leaf teas. Do You Tea? hopes to have a truck out on the streets of the NYC metro area soon! You are able to purchase her seasonal blends and gift sets online at www.doyoutea.com and follow her on instagram and twitter @doyoutea for updates on tastings and new blends. Please email requests and questions to doyoutea@gmail.com.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.