Mission Statement

Our mission statement at Nutralegacy.com is to offer accurate information to the present and future generations on how to live and maintain a healthy, successful and productive lifestyle.

Nutralegacy.com is a website that gleans information from the professional experts on what it takes to be in the best health, improve your health and how to maintain your health in a fast-paced and commercially aggressive world. Nutralegacy.com will guide the consumer through ways to save money, eat healthier, tackle obstacles that impair nutritional goals and make the most of your dietary and economic lifestyle. Nutralegacy.com is full of features everyone can use to determine their level of health as well as tools for changing negative habits that threaten overall well being. Information will be available on individual nutrients. This category of nutrients will include vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and essential oils. There will also be many articles featuring information on herbal compounds, phyto-nutrients, and anti-oxidants. The aim of nutralegacy.com is to arm the consumer with the most up-to-date and reliable information so that they are equipped to utilize the vast array of supplements in the marketplace. In today’s modern society, the best way to stay healthy is to prevent illnesses from occurring in the first place. The ultimate responsibility for your health lies with you, and the best way to accept this responsibility is to be well informed.

3 Responses to “Mission Statement”

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    glen bencivengo Says:
    Please check on order ID 10007 I placed this order in June and have yet to receive it!
  2. 2
    Alice Says:
    I tried to find a place on your website to sign up for a newsletter; however, I was unsuccessful. Do you have a newsletter; and if so, how do I sign up for it??????
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    Mark Says:
    How do we contact you there is no place on your website that assists in that matter. Do you ship to Australia?