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Top 10 Reasons to Consider Laser Vision Correction Surgery

  • Laser vision correction surgery is becoming more and more popular as the cost of lasik surgery falls people are lining up at lasik eye surgery centers all over the country
  • Whether you’re having custom lasik eye surgery, lasik refractive surgery there are several benefits. Laser vision correction surgery is a relatively simple and the vast majority of people have positive lasik experiences
  • Improvements in technology and methodology have driven lasik eye surgery prices down dramatically within the last ten years making it an option for the mainstream public
  • In order to help you decide if laser vision correction surgery is right for you we break down the top ten reasons to consider laser vision correction surgery

1. Freedom from corrective eyeglasses

Although eyeglasses have come back into fashion in recent years they often can inhibit people from participating in certain activities. They also can be quite expensive costing the wearer thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

2. Freedom from contact lenses

Contact lenses are often expensive, irritating to the eyes and can be lost or ripped. By having laser vision correction surgery you will no longer need to worry about buying contact solution and putting them in and out of your eye day after day.

3. Immediate results

Whether you’re having custom lasik eye surgery, lasik refractive surgery, or intralasik surgery most patients see immediate results. The majority of people have better vision than they did with their corrective eyewear as soon as the day after their surgery.

4. Convenience

Most laser vision correction surgery types take only 15 minutes to complete. The patient can resume normal activities within a day. No longer will you have to worry about packing around eyeglasses and contacts wherever you go.

5. Save money

the cost of lasik surgery has fallen as more doctors are experienced at performing the surgery. Most communities have lasik eye surgery centers so there is no need to travel a great distance. Most people who need corrective eyewear have both contacts and eyeglasses. Paying for both of those over a lifetime costs much more than laser vision correction surgery. Plus you also save by not having to buy extra items such as glasses cases and contact solution. Even if you cannot afford the cost of lasik surgery up front some doctors can set up special payment options to ease the financial burden.
As lasik eye surgery prices continue to fall the financial savings will become even better.

6. Improved peripheral vision

Glasses and contact can limit peripheral vision. Having lasik surgery you’ll be able to see objects clearly even if they are outside of your primary visual field.

7. Superior vision

Lasik surgery improves vision to a greater degree than eyeglasses and contacts can. Right when you wake up in the morning you’ll have clear crisp vision without having to put on your glasses or contacts.

8. Better eye health

Certain types of lasik procedures can correct higher and lower aberrations of the eye which can prevent serious health issues down the road.

9. Improved self-esteem

Because of their lasik experiences patients feel an increased self-esteem when they are able to throw away their corrective eyewear. This increase in confidence often leads to a more satisfying personal and professional life.

10. Improved night vision

For many people seeing at night is difficult. This affects one’s ability to drive as well as feel comfortable in dimly lit places such as clubs and restaurants. With laser vision correction surgery your night vision can dramatically improve.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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