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Cherries and arthiritis – what every sufferer should know.

are no longer just for jams and pies. They are increasingly sold in a new form – . Research on the cherry and its health benefits was conducted the University of Michigan. These studies demonstrated that out of all types of fruit, cherries have the most antioxidants and are a fantastic natural source of fibre and vitamin A. Cherries have also been shown to be of great benefit to sufferers of gout, arthritis pain, and as a sleep aid. In addition, cherries are very beneficial for whooping cough, Bronchitis, asthma, and nervous dyspepsia. Cherries may also reduce the risk of heart attack.

Cherries And Arthiritis

It is no exaggeration to say that cherries are a relatively undiscovered phenomenon. Most people have heard of the great health benefits of other fruits such blueberries, and as a result such fruits have become very popular as a homeopathic medicine.

Cherry juice naturally contains anthocyanin (which are responsible for the vibrant red color of cherries), which is the ingredient used in prescription drugs to ease joint inflammation. More than 46 million adults in the US suffer from arthritis, and this number is expected to increase as the population ages. Some sufferers have been talking for many years about how much cherry juice has reduced their symptoms, and these claims are now supported by scientific evidence showing that juice does certainly help in reducing the pain of arthritis. Practitioners of homeopathic medicine suggest that the anthocyanins contained in cherry juice may reduce the risk of cancer, particularly colon cancer. Moreover, black cherry juice could help prevent dental decay.

Some companies have woken up to the amazing health benefits of the cherry. After having researched the scientific benefits of cherries, Michelle White decided to sell tart cherry concentrate as homeopathic medicine. Her company, Michelle’s Miracles, also sells a dietary supplement pill and even dog bones with cherries in them. Cerise Nutraceuticals also offers special cherry tablets that are full of cherry goodness. In addition, they even sell a lotion infused with cherries.

Traverse Bay Farms has now gone international with its cherry products as homeopathic medicine. Andy LaPointe, Director of Global Marketing, said that the company already ships its products to five countries, and hires celebrities to promote them. Some of the products that Traverse Bay Farms offers include supplement tablets, cherry concentrate, and dried powders full of cherry goodness. LaPointe said that the cherry is becoming more popular around the world, because more people, including regular doctors who were sceptical at first, are now very interested in its health benefits.

All three of these companies are spreading the word about the health benefits of cherries, and with the recent studies showing how beneficial they are particularly for sufferers of arthritis, this homeopathic medicine is set to become more popular. For more information about the health benefits of cherries go to these sites:

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Erin Says:
    I'm not too big on eating berries, but I do suffer from arthritis. Are there any cherry supplements that exist out there? Would they be effective too or is pure cherry juice still better? What would the recommended dose be?