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The top 3 most common causes of green mucus

Air must constantly move through the sinus cavities through very small openings in order to keep the sinus cavities healthy. If this does not happen, then mucus will begin to accumulate, and this could be a breeding ground for bacteria. There are various green mucus causes, but the mucus will not be green right away. At first the mucus will be clear, and sometimes this is just referred to as drainage. Later it will change color to yellow, and only after that green mucus will follow. Now let’s examine the top three green mucus causes.

The Top 3 Most Common Causes Of Green Mucus

1) Viral infections. This is one of the most common green mucus sinus problems. It is usually accompanied by sinus pain, and sometimes referred to as a ‘sinus headache’. A green mucus sinus infection also comes with phlegm, which helps the immune system deal with the infection. These symptoms are usually preceded by yellow mucus, before it turns green, as discussed above.

2) Sore throat or throat infections. This is one of the other common green mucus causes. Sore throats, especially those affected by allergies, have an irritating effect. Throat infections or strep throat are usually accompanied by unfriendly bacteria, and it certainly entails coughing up green mucus. In the case of a throat infection you will also notice some yellow or white-looking pus or patches on the back or your throat. This could mean that your tonsils are inflamed as well. This may lead to swollen lymph nodes and neck glands, and fever.

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