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How to Get Rid of Green Mucus – What Will Help You and What Will Harm You

If you want to know how to get rid of green mucus, you need to learn about what you should avoid. The main thing to avoid if you are coughing green mucus is foods and liquids that may work against your sinuses. Examples of these include soft drinks, coffee and regular tea. Instead you should drink plenty of water to try and keep the mucus flowing. When you drink the water, it is better to take it at room temperature rather than from the fridge or with ice. Also, if you can get your hands on ionized water, it is always better than plain water, since there are antioxidant properties present in ionized water. Taking more Vitamin C supplements (or naturally in fruits!) is also helpful.

How To Get Rid Of Green Mucus

One important thing to avoid when you are coughing green mucus is stressful situations. A link between cold and flu illnesses and stress has already been shown, so do not take these words lightly. You need to give your immune system a good chance to fight the so that complications can be avoided. Another big factor in coughing green mucus is allergies. Simple things like dust around the house can set off sinus allergies in some people and can be the main cause of pressure in the sinuses and green mucus. So, it is important to have an allergy test done if you think that you might have such an allergies and then avoid the allergens accordingly.

One helpful thing for how to get rid of green mucus is to simply try some over-the-counter medications. Often antihistamines will work well, for example Zyrtec, Claritin, or Benadryl, but these will only provide quick and short-term relief. For more long-term results you may want to try herbal remedies for coughing green mucus. You can use a liquid form herbal remedy called EB or G. They are the most inexpensive and probably the best antiviral remedies that are natural. They help to fight the virus if the sinus infection well underway.

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    Olga Says:
    I read that antihistamines are extremely addictive and can do long-term damage with prolonged use. Is that true? If so, then how long is it safe to use them for in the case of green mucus?