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Help: I am Allergic to Almost Every Chemical

Many people have allergies to a few things in life, including cats, dust or pollen; but for those that are allergic to a variety of items, their lives be an absolute hell. For these hypersensitive people, the problems usually start at young ages and involve a variety of allergy tests. Medication and sometimes lots of it, is prescribed and they live in a world of pills and avoidance. To the rest of the world, they might seem like hypochondriacs, but in reality it is simple survival. What many are finding out is that there are ways to claim back their world and live a normal life, but it will take focus, determination and total commitment. Many of these allergies are compounded by the chemicals in their lives and these have to be the first to go.


Allergies involving chemicals can happen to everyone, but are of special importance to those that experience problems on deeper levels. Elimination is the first step and here are some of the examples of what to get rid of and suggested replacements in household cleaning products: Instead of glass cleaner, use one part vinegar to eight parts water. Replace standard scouring powder with a paste made of warm water and baking soda. Get rid of bleach and use borax. Degreasers can be replaced with fresh lemon juice. Automatic dishwasher soap can be replaced with equal parts of washing soda and borax. Wax furniture polish can be replaced with a mixture of several drops of lemon essential oil and olive oil. Stay away from chlorine bleach, synthetic chemicals and ammonia.

When using cosmetics, it is important to remember that a majority of the over the counter products contain synthetic chemicals that are known carcinogens, cause skin reactions, and even kidney damage. Here is a list to stay away from: FD&C, D&C and external D&C dyes: these are carcinogenic and derived from coal tar. Carmine: A red dye from pulverized and dried adult female cochineal insects; found in lipsticks and blush products. Formaldehyde, Quaternium 15, Diazolidinyl Urea: Suspected to be cancer causing, used as a preservative. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Causes allergic reactions and skin rashes, this is a foaming agent. Methylparaben: This is a very toxic preservative known to cause allergic reactions. Chemical fragrances: These are irritating to the nasal passages, cause skin reactions and even headaches. Talc: A known carcinogen. Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Causes skin irritations, swelling, photosensitivity and an increased risk of sunburn. Some of those that you can use should include safer ingredients such as Mica, Iron oxides, Titanium oxide. Moisturizing the skin can be easily done with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This may look a bit overwhelming, but once you begin reading labels and rejecting those products that you can’t and don’t want to use, you will be able to narrow down your selections. This will quickly become part of your lifestyle and create quality life. Another good thing is, you will save money on those unwanted products, medications and boxes of tissues.

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