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Food Allergies in Kids – Finally Taken Seriously and Could be Serious Problems

Only a few years ago, the medical community did not take food allergies seriously. Thankfully, the story has changed and physicians are aware that children seem to have the highest instance of food allergies, with the largest consequences to pay.
Parents should be alerted that the most common allergies in kids are from nuts, shellfish and milk. Children can suffer severe and life threatening anaphylactic shock from anything that is even cross-contaminated with the product they are allergic to. This occurs when the food product has been near or someone touched the problem food and then exposed other foods.

Food Allergies in Kids

What might start out as a sore or swollen throat can lead quickly to closure of the air passage and possibly even death. Children and parents should read the labels of every prepackaged food as well as be on alert when eating out. Kids have a higher percentage of food allergies and often with multiple foods.


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