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Natural Sinus Infection Treatment

Sinus Infection Treatment

  • Symtoms of a sinus infection include a fever and mucus-producing cough.
  • There are many natural treatments like saline nasal spray.
    • Millions of people in the United States and around the globe regularly suffer from sinusitis. This condition, which can be acute or chronic, can be treated in a number of ways, one of which includes surgery. The good news for those sufferers who want to avoid surgical procedures as treatment is that alternative sinus infection treatment options exist that may help.

      The Need for a Sinus Infection Treatment

      Most people who have sinus infections are not aware of the causes. The sinuses are cavities around the nasal passages that allow for fluid drainage into the nose and throat. Viruses, bacteria, or fungi can sometimes cause an inflammation in the cavities’ lining, which leads to swelling. As the lining swells, the cavities become blocked and those fluids cannot drain properly. As a result, your cavities can become congested and sore.

      You’ll know sinus infection treatment is needed when you exhibit a few symptoms, including a fever and a mucus-producing cough. Because the pain and congestion in the cavities can cause increased pressure on surrounding areas, this can lead to headaches and toothaches. You can sometimes tell the difference between sinusitis and colds because sinusitis can lead to bad breath and reduces taste and smell capabilities.

      Dealing with the Problem

      Depending on the cause of your sinusitis, you will need to follow the sinus infection treatment suggested by your physician. If bacteria or a fungus is the cause, you will need to follow your doctor’s advice to alleviate the problem. For virus-caused sinusitis, you may have to wait it out or take anti-viral medications. These steps are important because as long as the inflammation continues, your sinuses are going to be prone to further infection, which will only worsen your condition.

      However, you can use some natural sinus infection treatments to help you cope with congestion, pressure, and other effects. Moisture, steam, and warmth are the magic elements of a good sinus infection treatment. Keeping the nasal passages moist can keep the mucus thinner, thus easier to pass around the cavity’s blockage. Saline nasal spray, steam treatments, heated damp towels placed on your sinuses, and rinsing the nasal passages will help open cavities and reduce pain. You should also stay well-hydrated by drinking water, juices, and similar beverages that will help your mucus drain more freely.

      An Herbal Sinus Infection Treatment

      You can also use herbs as part of a sinus infection treatment plan, though you do not want to completely neglect traditional treatment approaches. Be sure to discuss the herbs you are taking with your physician to ensure that they will not cause reactions with your other medications or lead to dangerous side effects. Some of the best herbs for this type of problem include barberry, Echinacea, and eucalyptus.

      You can also add some other herbal options as well. Devil’s claw is an herb frequently used to reduce pain and inflammation. Linden flowers can help treat migraines, colds, and cough. Chinese skullcap has been shown to reduce inflammation, and gingko can help treat headaches, another common symptom of a sinus infection.

      The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Jon34 Says:
    I found this article very helpful! A few weeks ago I started getting painful headaches and it hurt to press my cheek bones... I had no idea what was wrong. I put off going to the doctor and it ended up getting much worse! Although sometimes, natural remedy's are best, in this case I think sinusitis should definitely be checked out by a doctor.