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Are there any natural sinus infection home remedies?

Sinus infection home remedies treatments are growing increasingly popular with a lot of people switching to non-traditional medicine from traditional, with its harsh side effects and overall impact on life long health. Natural sinus infection home remedies are sometimes proven to be even more effective compared to traditional antibiotic and sinus infection surgery methods, as they immobilize natural body’s response in a gentle non-invasive way.

Sinus Infection Home Remedies

So, what are the natural sinus infection home remedies? There’s a lot you can do at home to make you feel better and provide yourself with severe sinus infection relief.
Drink lots of hot liquids like herbal teas, hot apple cider and hot chicken soup. Eat a meal with the right ingredients to improve blood flow in the nasal tissues like spicy ginger or wasabi stir-fry dish, to naturally decongest your stuffy nose and provide severe sinus infection relief. Take an aromatherapy steam bath or hot shower to inflammation and facilitate sinus drainage. Flush your sinus with a preservative-free saline solution, or make your own by mixing one teaspoon of salt in one pink of purified water. Prop your head up at night with an extra pillow to prevent sinus drainage liquid re-entering your sinus cavities.

One should resort to antibiotics sinus infection treatment or sinus surgery only after all other sinus infection home remedies have been used and proven to be ineffective for your type of sinus problems. Taking antibiotics regularly for your sinus infections could be disastrous for your overall long time health, suppressing natural immune response and prompting you to develop yeast infections in addition to your sinus ones.
Understanding sinus infection surgery is essential in determining if it’s necessary in your treatment for recurring sinus infections.

The information presented in this article is not to be considered medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

One Response to “Are there any natural sinus infection home remedies?”

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    ColumbusDave Says:
    I am thinking that the neti pot is the way to go. I recommend it lots. Inexpensive and a great habit to get into - helps with a lot of ENT issues. Also be aware that there have been advances in the treatment of CHRONIC sinusitis. It used to be that surgery was the only answer but balloon sinuplasty and others have added to the list of viable options that work with the body better than a surgery. Take care.