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I have to get sinus infection surgery. What are they going to be doing?

Understanding sinus infection surgery and causes of chronic sinus infection is a big part of your recovery. A doctor will advise you to get sinus surgery as a last resort, when all of his other treatments have previously failed. An acute maxillary sinus infection and recurring sinusitis are one of the most common reasons for performing sinus infection surgery.

Understanding Sinus Infection Surgery

The sinus infection surgery is always performed under general anesthesia. During the surgery the doctor will carefully remove swollen affected nasal tissue to eliminate any obstructions to the drainage of sinus discharge. This will allow for faster healing by eliminating stagnant areas in your sinus cavities that might allow for additional bacterial growth. The surgeon might also reroute your sinus passages to create a better drainage system preventing your actual causes of chronic sinus infection.

Understanding sinus infection surgery after care is just as important as surgery itself and will help you recover faster and maintain healthy nasal tissue passages. One should definitely take it easy during a couple of days following sinus infection surgery and get plenty of rest by all means. Sense of discomfort and light bloody discharge is normal. “Nasal Irrigation” for sinus infection care is very important and will help you moisturize, lubricate and create a protective barrier for future infection prevention. It is a mild solution of purified water with addition of salt, baking soda and grapeseed extract and should be used to flush out the nasal passages ridding them of bacteria, allergens and excess mucous.

Causes of chronic sinus infection are to be carefully examined and measures be taken to eliminate the actual cause to prevent further onset of maxillary sinus infection. Understanding sinus infection surgery will help you with your doctor to accomplish your recovery goals and start living a healthy life.

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    Erin Says:
    Always good to know exactly what you're in for. It also seems like there are new approaches being taken. So make sure you are aware of all your options and that you find the best one. Also be aware that there have been advances in the treatment of CHRONIC sinusitis. It used to be that surgery was the only answer but balloon sinuplasty and others have added to the list of viable options. Take care.