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Antiviral Drugs for Genital Herpes Treatment

  • Antiviral drugs are commonly used and effective at treating the symptoms of a herpes outbreak
  • There is no cure for herpes, so it’s important to remember that genital herpes treatment options, such as various antiviral drugs, can only reduce the duration and severity of herpes outbreaks
  • Herpes treatments or treatment can come in three stages: initial, intermittent and suppressive, which is why it is important that if you do have the that you understand the genital herpes symptoms and how it operates. Herpes tests area available that will provide answers and a path toward the most effective treatment route

Genital herpes treatment with antiviral drugs is quite common and it is indeed helpful for people who have frequent outbreaks. These antiviral drugs are effective and can decrease the duration and severity of flare up symptoms. However, keep in mind that this “drug therapy” only soothes the outbreak of herpes and that the symptoms are likely to reoccur.

Common treatments include: acyclovir (brand: Zovirax), famciclovir (brand: Famvir) and valacyclovir (brand: Valtrex). These are ingested in pill form. Critical cases can be treated with the help of intravenous or IV acyclovir. Topical treatment formulas aren’t really helpful and the doctors seldom recommend such formulas.

The first stage covers the Initial Treatment. During this stage, the sore or the infected area of the body is identified and then, diagnosed. The doctor proceeds to recommend a concise course of certain antiviral therapies that last for 7-10 days. These therapies actually prevent the sore from spreading all across the body and getting worse. If the sore is stubborn, the patient may be kept on these drugs for a longer duration.

After the Initial treatment, you need to work with your doctor in order to determine the best suited anti-viral therapy. Two possible options are stated below:

• Intermittent Treatment: Your doctor will always recommend certain drugs that you need to keep with you. These will definitely be antiviral and will be of great aid when there is a sudden outbreak of herpes. The recommended pills can be taken for 2 to 5 days after noticing the sore or when you are expecting a flare up. These sores usually heal themselves and disappear after a few days, but treatment can help with symptoms.

• Suppressive Treatment: If you tend to have frequent herpes outbreaks, you might have to take antiviral drugs on a regular basis. Doctors call this suppressive therapy. For people having six outbreaks or more in a year, suppressive therapy can reduce the problem by 70 to 80 percent.

Suppressive therapy reduces the risk of virus transmission between sex partners. The antiviral drugs lessen the viral shedding. This is when these viruses replicates themselves on the surface of the skin. Recent studies show that regular doses of antiviral drugs such as valacyclovir can help in protecting sex partners against infections. Nevertheless, condoms are a must.

These drugs are said to have mild after effects, but most health experts agree that these drugs are safe for long term use. Acyclovir is probably the oldest and the safest of all the herpes drugs.

People who are undergoing suppressive therapy for extended periods should see their doctor once a year to decide on a future course of action.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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