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How to Get Rid of Green Mucus – What Will Help You and What Will Harm You – Part 2.

Another natural thing that might help clear your nasal passages and help when is to do steam inhalations. Try using a few drops of eucalyptus oil or thyme leaves in hot water, as these things act as decongestants. You should keep your face about 18 inches away from the source of the steam and inhale deeply. The water steam temperature should be under 102F, so as not to burn the cilia in the nose (which are microscopic tiny hairs that are responsible for filtering the air you breathe).

By following these steps can help you take care of green mucus and maybe even prevent it from coming back. If you have a serious case, like rhinitis, you should control the flow of histamine so that you don’t irritate the mucus membranes. Sometime a nasal irrigation may be required for more severe cases of coughing green mucus.

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