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What are some simple sinus fungal infection remedies?

Sinus fungal infection is the inflammation of one of the four pairs of the paranasal cavities, or sinuses, caused by fungal spores. Sinus fungal infection is extremely hard to diagnose as doctors are likely to overlook it as a cause and prescribe you antibiotics, which do not kill fungal spores. You might require an X-ray of your sinus areas to determine if the cause for your sinus infection is fungal. Antibiotics for sinus infection will not clear up your sinus fungal infection, so you will require an anti-fungal prescription medication. One of the characteristic symptoms of sinus fungal infection along with increased sinus drainage, painful discomfort and a sense of fullness, is a recurring fever that will last for days, then go away and come back again later. Sinus fungal infection is extremely rare and usually affects people with “compromised immune system”, like elderly, after major surgeries, individuals with allergies to dust mites, mold and fungus. If you have a chronic sinus fungal infection condition, measures should be taken to carefully evaluate your surrounding areas at home like attic, garage, basement or else for the source of mold infestation. Also if you suffer from recurring sinus infections, it would be beneficial to replace pillows in your home, a major source of mold, every year. Another surprising source of mold in your home could be a live Christmas tree, that are usually cut way ahead of time before the holiday season and stored in moist warehouses, contributing to mold and fungal growth in your home.

So what are some of the simple sinus fungal infection remedies that you can use at home? Taking an antihistamine might temporarily relive your allergic reaction to fungus, you might also take an acetaminophen medication to help you with pain and fever. Unless you look into the causes of your sinus fungal infection and ways you can strengthen your immune system, there’s very little you can do to relive your condition.

The information supplied in this article is not considered as medical advice and should be only used for educational purposes.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Erin Says:
    I am a broken record here but I have to say again, try a neti pot! Keeping the nasal passages clear can go a loooong way toward helping w/ any ENT issues. I have also seen a number of people who still need additional measures after having sinus surgery. This is another case where "options" become key and many are turning to newer alternatives like balloon sinuplasty. Take care.