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Effective home remedies for sinus and green mucus – Part 2.

Mix a glass of warm milk with half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Drink this at least two times per day.

Mix one tablespoon of ginger with two tablespoons of honey and create a paste. Ingest this paste numerous times a day. It will thin out the mucus and it come out of the body faster.

Some general advice is to avoid eating cold foods such as ice cream and yogurt, as they make mucus denser. Instead drink plenty of warm liquids, such as water, milk and tea, which will assist in making the mucus thinner and keep the body hydrated.

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One Response to “Effective home remedies for sinus and green mucus – Part 2.”

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    Olga Says:
    Is it safe to drink red wine if you have green mucus? They say that one to two glasses a day is good for you, but other sources claim that alcohol makes your sinuses worse. Can anyone shed some light on this?