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10 Interesting Facts About Raw Food Diets

Raw Food Diet

  • uses natural substitutes such as seaweed for salt or stevia for sugar
  • Using a juicer can help you make delicious and nutrient-rich drinks
  • Coconut water, vegan nut pate, and raw chocolate cake are just some of the delicious foods you could eat while trying out the raw food diets

While more of a lifestyle approach than a diet, the raw food diet has become a growing trend in many parts of the country. Before you turn off the oven and the stove top for good, here are some interesting facts about this type of eating.

10. Use Seaweed for Sodium

For centuries in Japan and other Asian countries, seaweed has been a staple of their diets. Seaweed is harvested from the oceans and is naturally perfect for eating. And because of its high salt content it can provide the flavor enhancement you want without having to sprinkle on overly processed table salt. Try some wrapped around your favorite piece of raw tuna or layered with a tasty avocado spread.

9. Juicing

Most raw food diet enthusiasts love juicing and we’re not talking about the injection of steroids. You can find a high quality juicer in most retail stores today and can use almost any type of raw vegetable and fruit combination to create a delicious drink. Plus, juicing gives you access to all of the nutrients in the food, including those in the skin which most people remove.

8. Prevent Enzyme Destruction

Why are raw foods better than cooked ones? Exposing any type of food to a temperature of above 112 degrees Fahrenheit is going to break down and destroy the enzymes in that food. Because we need those enzymes for our own good health, cooking is actually depriving of something that is vital to our health. When you eat raw foods, all of those good enzymes are still in place.

7. Artificial Sweeteners are a No No

Part of the philosophy of raw food diet weight loss practitioners is that anything processed loses its value to human health and can sometimes even be detrimental. Countless studies and anecdotal stories have shown that artificial sweeteners like aspartame cause illnesses and health problems. Instead, you should natural alternatives to sugar, such as cinnamon, vanilla, and stevia.

6. Coconut Water Instead of Soda

Most raw food diet followers give up the heavily processed sodas which most Americans drink for their fluid needs. One alternative is coconut water. As the name implies, the beverage comes from the watery part of young coconuts which is extracted and bottled all over the tropics. It’s an excellent source of water and flavor with plenty of nutrients you want find in a bottle of soda.

5. Vegan Nut Pate

Although not technically vegetarians, raw food diet followers sometimes share recipes with non-meat consumers, including the vegan nut pate which can be a great substitute for real meal in recipes or dinner parties.

4. Raw Fats are Healthy Fats

One misconception people have about following a raw foods diet is they still have to be concerned with the fat content of what they eat. Thankfully, all of the health problems related to high fat diets are related to eating cooked fats. Raw fats are very healthy and are good for the body.

3. No Calorie Counting Required

If you’re switching to a raw food diets weight loss plan then you can give up the calorie counting. Most of what you’re going to be eating s so healthy and good for you that you can almost eat as much as you want without worrying about those extra pounds, especially if you’re exercising.

2. Not All Food is Raw

Despite the name of the raw food diets, you don’t have to eat nothing but raw and/or living foods. Most diets recommend three-fourths of your diet be based around these ideas. The best idea is to use that other 25% for nutrients you might have trouble getting otherwise, such as calcium.

1. Raw Chocolate Cake

And if you were one of those people who thought raw food diets meant a life of crunchy vegetables, think again. You can find recipes for a delicious raw chocolate cake that is refrigerated instead of baked.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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