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High Protein Diet Plan Tips – Updated Article With Additional Information

Protein is a very important component of any diet, since protein contains the necessary amino-acids, which are essential for making cells in our bodies, such as muscles, nails, and hair. If you have a infection or some kind of illness, then you should consider a high protein diet plan in order to replace the missing protein. Young children require high protein diet foods as well, because of their rapid body growth.

High Protein Diet Plan

If you are one of the people who want to lose some body fat and get muscular instead, there are no shortcuts. If you intake protein and it is not used to repair or build muscle tissue, it will get stored as fat or convert itself into energy. So, in addition to having a high protein diet menu, you still need exercise, both weight training and aerobic.

The high protein diet plan should contain 10 to 15 percent of high protein diet foods. So, if the average person consumes about 1,500 calories per day, 56 grams of protein should be consumed. The main components of the high protein diet menu are eggs, meat, and fish. However, with regards to eggs in particular, most amino-acids in eggs are in the egg white, while the yolk is mostly unwanted nutritional deficiencies and a lack of fiber in the diet. This may result in constipation and diverticulitis, as well as raise your chances of getting certain cancers. Also, some diet plans promote high protein diet foods like dairy products and red meat, some of which have unwanted cholesterol. Some experts claim that a long-term diet like that can lead to heart disease. A high protein diet plan could also exacerbate kidney or liver problems, because it may be difficult for your body to eliminate all of the waste created by protein metabolism.

So, you should choose your protein wisely and stick to the high-protein diet plan for just a short time. Some good high protein diet foods include skinless chicken, fish, lean pork or beef, low-fat dairy products. In addition, if you have diabetes, liver or kidney disease, if you have a chronic condition for which you are taking medication, or if you are pregnant or lactating, you should consult your doctor before initiating a high protein diet plan.

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7 Responses to “High Protein Diet Plan Tips – Updated Article With Additional Information”

  1. 1
    Frankie Says:
    I for one agree, my daughter and I went on a protein diet, my daughter is still on it and exercises every day she has had 6 C sections ..ya 6 kids...she still follows the diet. She used to be overweight as a kid and a teen Now at 35 she looks great has tons of energy. I on the other hand stopped the diet "because I had kidney stones" the doctor told me to stop the protein diet. I gained all my weight back & then some ! Plus now my blood sugar is elevated. So it's a question of what is more important. I will go back to the protein diet in moderation it's the only diet that worked for me. I used to be active and not have a problem with weight but now at 50 it's not so easy to loose. Note: My daughter who is 30 & a diabetic (insulin type 1) went on the same diet and went into a coma so diabetics beware....not type 2 but type one....
  2. 2
    Sarah Kelly Says:
    I for one believe in the power of protein. I have always maintained an active lifestyle and consumed balanced meals. Once getting to a certain age, I was unable to even shed a few pounds. Since keeping track of the amount of protein I need and consume that amount, have I been able to shed the pounds I wanted. I took the weight off, kept it off and feel wonderful. I am a believer!
  3. 3
    asish Says:
    u will eat at list 4eggs per day and keep u r self tension free .keep u r self kool, take good food and rest u r body will growth which u want.if u need agood muscel body than u have do some exercise with proteins food like meat,milk...
  4. 4
    ASHISH Says:
  5. 5
    adam Says:
    its quite simple, you are what you eat. if you are over weight and looking to quickly loose some weight by dieting you will only loose a few kg's before you give up. you need to be 100% committed to changing your life to loose weight and same goes for putting on decent muscle mass. there is no quick fix for getting fit and looking great, sad to say its all hard work and you feel better every day for it. I think that only solution is to have non-stop balanced nutrition intake. GOOD ADVICE
  6. 6
    cantueso Says:
    Of course. I landed here because next door there was a sports shop that sold protein in big containers of about 7 liters each. And at the supermarket they sell white of egg in big glass containers, and some kids told me they eat one of those a day.
  7. 7
    biz Says:
    I agree that weight is very important aspect of the health. But sincerely, I am not the fan of diets because simple reason - if you are overweight due to eating too much you can loose weight, but you will bulk up back, if you continue to eat as you used, after diet ending. I think that only solution is to have non-stop balanced nutrition intake.