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3 More Biggest Lies in Weight Loss Advertising

We covered 3 of the biggest lies in the previous article but the list does not stop there. Here are 3 more marketing ploys used by weight loss supplement companies to get you to buy their product.

3 Biggest Lies in Weight Loss Advertising

1) Doctor Recommended
How many times do you see a picture of a doctor certifying the effectiveness of a particular product? Chances are the doctor is a paid spokesperson and therefore should not be trusted as an unbiased source of information. Furthermore, everyone is different and therefore you cannot generalize the effectiveness of a product on all people.

2) Clinically Proven
Unless you know the sample size and the source of the information stating that something is clinically proven is a meaningless statement. If the sample is small and not a double blind study it will not hold much validity. Companies also will state that an ingredient is clinically proven which does not mean the formula of the product as a whole is effective. This be extremely misleading to consumers.

3) Misleading Numbers
Some products will claim that they helped people lose 300% more fat. Well if the difference is lets says 1.5lbs versus .5lb than the product cannot be considered effective. Large percentages have a strong effect on peoples’ minds, and therefore are highly effective in advertising. Just because it seems like a lot does not necessarily mean that it is.

There is no magic pill for weight loss. While many supplements are effective at raising your metabolism it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. Educate yourself about weight loss products before grabbing the first bottle that looks appealing in an advertisement.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.