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3 Biggest Lies in Weight Loss Advertising

We see it every day.  Before and after billboards and ads as well as mysterious charts that lure us to buy the latest weight loss supplement fad.  Unfortunately what we see in the magazines is usually not the results we experience from using the product.  Here are three tricks the supplement industry uses to get you to buy their product.

3 Biggest Lies in Weight Loss Advertising

1)     Before and After Picture

The before and after picture used by weight loss supplement companies is usually taken on the same day.  Yes, that is right.  It is amazing what a different posture, hair style, tanning and Photoshop can do for a person.  Don’t believe the hype.  This is not to say that these products don’t work, but just not maybe as well as you would like.  After all, diet and exercise are the core components to health weight loss.

2)     No Diet or Exercise Required

Following up on this point, it is amazing how many products actually claim that you can lose weight solely by taking a supplement.    You might initially lose some water weight, but in the end you will end up gaining back the weight once your body acclimates to the thermogenic.  If you choose to use the weight loss pill as an excuse to eat what you want you will add even more weight since the pill alone will burn far fewer than the ones you eat.

3)     Testimonials

Sorry to say it but a lot of companies write their own testimonial and hire an actor for television or photo shoots.  Especially if the company is brand new they will want to seem time tested.  They are used to coax you into believing that you are taking an effective product.

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