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Why Eggs are the Best Source of Protein

Eggs are not only a staple of the bodybuilder’s diet; they are a centerpiece of the American diet. While nutritionists may debate whether eggs have negative effects on cholesterol, there is no disputing that it is an amazing source of protein. Below are a few reasons I believe eggs are the best source of protein.

Why Eggs are the Best Source of Protein

1) Complete Source of Essential Amino Acids
Essential Amino acids are the amino acids that your body is unable to synthesize. These amino acids must be consumed in your diet. Eggs are a complete source of essential amino acids. Unlike other protein, eggs are low in fat and easy to digest.

2) Perfect for vegetarians

Eggs are essential for vegetarians. Most plant based proteins are a not a complete source of essential amino acids and are therefore incomplete proteins. Eggs are a great for vegetarians to get protein for their diet. One egg contains 6 grams of high protein!

3) Convenient

When it comes to finding a quick and convenient way to get a whole food protein in your diet it does not get much easier than eggs. You can hard boil eggs yourself or buy them already cooked at the supermarket. You can travel with them so you have a ready source of protein at any time of day. Let’s face it; eggs are a far better choice than grabbing a protein bar.

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