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5 Reasons Soy is Unhealthy – Part 1

Soy is marketed as a healthy protein that should be part of your daily diet. Vegetarians and Vegans depend on it and food stores stock their shelves with soy products. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. Out of all the proteins available on the market, soy has the most disadvantages and in many ways is unhealthy. Here are the top five reasons.

Soy Products

1) Estrogenic
Plant estrogens naturally occur in soy and can cause a variety of health problems, especially for children. Giving children soy is like giving them hormone replacement therapy. Plant estrogens and isoflavones cause thyroid issues and catalyze puberty. They can even increase the risk of breast cancer.

2) Processed Soy

Unlike the fermented soy that has dominated Asian cultures for centuries, many soy products, such as soy burgers and cheese, are processed foods. They lack the nutritional benefits of traditional fermented soy. The fermenting process, which can be fermented anywhere from 6 months to 3 years, rids the naturally occurring toxins from soybeans.

3) Overconsumption
Asian diets only ate limited amounts of soy. It was used mainly as a side dish or a condiment. Animal protein is still a staple of their diet. Soy is big business and is the number one cash crop in the world. The excess soy from vegetable oil is then sold as both animal feed and human food. The USDA does not regulate human consumption of soy even though the health risks are well documented.

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