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Calorie Restriction may Cause Lifelong Health Issues

Over the last twenty years, research involving the restriction of calories has pointed towards better health, the increase of longevity and the prevention of certain chronic diseases. This is now changing, as new studies are debunking that theory.

Calorie Restriction

The topic of calorie restriction is actually more complicated as more research is done. Previous studies show a reduction of 10-40% in calories assisted in overall health, but life span did not show any significant changes. A study by the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center changed the formula to thirty percent calorie reduction and are seeing a longer life in the aging rhesus monkeys, along with improved general health, as compared to their counterparts that did not have calorie reduction.

It’s important to note, that the studies involved two different types of rhesus monkeys from two global locations. There are thoughts that genetic differences could relate to the final research outcome. More studies will be needed in the future.


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