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The Pancreatitis cure myth

If you are looking for a pancreatitis cure, then stop right there! There is no one-stop wonder drug cure, and it is important to realize that if the condition is chronic, this entails simply controlling the condition. Unfortunately, once you damage the pancreas, it will not be able to come back to its normal state and functions and further attacks may happen. However, with the right pancreatitis treatment you will be able to control the pain and avoid complications, and be able to lead as normal a as possible.

The Pancreatitis Cure Myth

One of the best and simplest pancreatitis treatment methods is complete rest. If you have acute pancreatitis, you may have to look for hydration and intravenous nutrients through the help of medical professionals, as you might not be able to take anything orally at the risk of further pancreas attacks. It is also worth mentioning that taking a bunch of supplements will not solve the mal-absorption problem completely, but they do assist with reducing the amount of time an attack lasts, as well as its intensity. Another useful thing to do is to use mediations that are lowest on the scale of analgesics in order to control the pain. Such medications include morphine or pethidine and may be taken at night, as the pain is usually worse around that time.

Pancreatitis poses a lot of inconvenience for the sufferers, but no matter what the pancreatitis treatment is, you must still ingest enough nutrients to sustain the body. There are various foods you are allowed to eat, but also a whole range of foods that you should exclude from your diet. It is important to have a bi-weekly flush of the liver and try to cleanse your kidneys as much as possible in order to prevent kidney stones. Your lifestyle should be improved significantly and you should be spending more time outside with more fresh air, as well as engaging in more physical activities like hiking, swimming, or just taking walks.

As for your diet, more raw fruits and vegetables must definitely be included. Added to this should be freshly squeezed juices of these fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood (but not fried), cold pressed oils, and seaweed. The following items should be eliminated from your diet: alcohol, sugar, fried foods, processed foods, heated vegetable oils, refined foods, grilled foods, aspartame, margarine, food additives, MSG.

In some rare cases of chronic pancreatitis surgery may be necessary and this is the closest thing to a pancreatitis sre as such. Some signs that it is time for surgery include extreme pain and no response to morphine or a similar medication in high doses. What the surgery can do is improve the pancreatic duct drainage, or even removing or partially removing the pancreas. However, this option may lead to diabetes later in life.

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