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Pancreatitis and diet – the 5 most important changes you need to make

So, you have been diagnosed with pancreatitis. There is no need to panic! Providing it is not acute, all you need to do is adjust. One way to do so is to make some changes to what you eat, since pancreatitis and diet go hand in hand. Here we present you with some tips on a comprehensive pancreatitis diet plan and 5 important changes you need to make:

Pancreatitis And Diet - The 5 Most Important Changes You Need To Make

1) Liquify or puree your foods. This one is important for the pancreatitis diet plan, because liquid foods are much easier to digest. It is very simple to do as well. For example, you could take a regular stew or soup and put it in the blender to make a delicious puree. This takes some pressure off the pancreas as it has to work less to digest the food. You can also put some vegetables or lean cooked meats into the blender, which will create a nutritious, well-balanced meal. Not only is this good for your pancreas, but you will feel more energetic in general, because your body will be absorbing more nutrients.

2) Drink plenty of water and fluids. This is a rather important point for pancreatitis and diet, as you should always keep your body hydrated. You should take in liquid soups and drink juice often. Vegetable soups or light chicken soups are best. If you have the urge to drink alcohol, have some juice ready so you can sip on it.

3) Eat a lot of fresh vegetables or drink plenty of vegetable juice. This is important because vegetables and their juices are a wonderful mineral and vitamin source, and they also have enzymes that may help cure pancreatitis. Green leafy vegetables are best, as they act as antioxidants to fight free radicals, which exacerbate pancreatitis. So, the pancreatitis diet plan should definitely include plenty of salads.

4) Some general advice is to eat a lot of whole wheat products, like brown bread, brown and cereals. Snacks and breakfast should include oatmeal. Also, try tofu for a change, as it is great for pancreatitis and diets recommend it, because it can provide the required proteins without the unwanted fats. Soy based foods should be included in the pancreatitis diet plan as well, because they can act as antioxidants in the body, and prevent the pancreas from getting more damaged.

5) Finally, here are some things you should avoid. Firstly, you should definitely stop smoking and drinking alcohol and coffee. This is because all of these items stimulate the pancreas and are gas-forming. Other things to avoid are spicy and rich foods in order to prevent a pancreas attack. Stop eating foods that are fatty, like fries, burgers, butter, margarine, bacon, etc. Extremely sweet things should also be avoided, as well as carbonated drinks such as soda.

Make sure you stick to your pancreatitis diet plan as it will play a huge role in helping you overcome this condition!

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