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Pancreatitis – The Foods That You Must Avoid – Part 2.

Processed foods should be avoided, especially the ones that are full of partially hydrogenated oils. These foods are full of free radical molecules that do immense damage to your body. The more the food sits and the longer it is processed, the more free radicals it will have. Those foods with partially hydrogenated oils have even more free radicals in them. The body deals with these free radicals with the of little nutrients called antioxidants. Foods containing antioxidants should be consumed in abundance.
·Avoid having 2-3 big meals every day. Instead try eating 5-6 smaller meals. This is very important for pancreatitis sufferers.

In general, it is best to discuss with your doctor what you should and should not eat, as each case of pancreatitis is individual. These are just general guidelines you may follow. Your doctor might also tell you to go to a nutritionist for a more comprehensive pancreatitis diet plan.

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    Tony Says:
    It says here that red meat should be avoided, but fish and beans are OK. It doesn’t say anything about chicken, so I assume it’s fine then? If so, then in what amounts is it safe to eat chicken?