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7 Symptoms of Pancreas Problems: Read This! – Updated article with extra information

There are seven symptoms of you should watch out for if you think there is something wrong with your pancreas. These could be symptoms of a pancreas tumor, inflamed pancreas, or even pancreatic cancer symptoms.

7 Symptoms Of Pancreas Problems

1. Loss of appetite and weight. It’s a little difficult to categorize this symptom of pancreas problems, because it is hard to tell exactly what the problem is. If your pancreas is inflamed, you may not want to eat anything except foods that are liquid. In this case you are also bound to lose weight. These may also be pancreatic cancer symptoms, especially the weight loss, so it is best to see your doctor and have your enzymes tested for cancer.

2. Yellow tint of eyes and skin. These could be symptoms of jaundice, especially of your skin is itchy as well. Jaundice can be present because of hepatitis, gallstones, liver problems, and even cancer. So, if you experience jaundice as one of the pancreatic cancer symptoms, you must have tests conducted immediately.

3. Nausea and vomiting. This is a general symptom of pancreas problems. Nausea is common when it comes to a pancreas tumor, and vomiting is also possible depending on where the tumor is located. A pancreas that is inflamed may also cause the stomach to be upset.

4. Dull abdominal pain. This may be one of the pancreatic cancer symptoms. However, it is usually not a cause for concern unless accompanied by jaundice or yellow-tinted skin.

5. Diarrhea. This could be a sign that there is an insufficient level of enzymes in your pancreas, which is what causes diarrhea to happen. Obviously diarrhea on its own is not a big cause for concern, but if it is prolonged and accompanied by weight loss, it could be one of the symptoms of pancreas problems.

6. Fatigue. Fatigue can occur when the body is working on healing itself and it gets tired. You will need to rest more than you normally would, and you should not ignore this advice. Take as much time as you can to take naps and give your body the rest time it needs to heal.

7. Depression and mood swings. Because of the general symptoms, as well as the pain you may be experiencing from symptoms of pancreas problems, depression can subtly creep in and you may notice yourself get very moody. You will have to inform your doctor of this to get the right treatment.

Other symptoms of pancreas problems may include:

Increased heart rate
Pale skin
Recurrent fever and sweating
Tender or swollen abdomen
Digestive problems
General weakness
Dark colored urine
Back pain

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    Stacy Says:
    How many of these symptoms can you have before you can start getting concerned? Obviously, diarrhea and fatigue even together don’t necessarily mean that you have pancreas problems. So, is there a more clear definition?