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The green mucus diet – cleanse your body with these powerful foods – Part 2.

4) The spicier the better. Spicy foods help dissolve the mucus, because the heat that comes from them acts as an eliminating agent. Pureed vegetable soups that are spicy are of the most delicious components of the green mucus diet. Add pepper and garlic to your favorite dishes and you may find relief from phlegm and mucus. is another good spice to add to your regular diet. Put a pinch of it in some of the foods you like and will also help with thinning out the mucus. On the other hand, salt and sugar should be avoided, as they actually increase the production of mucus.

5) Avoid dairy, chocolate, and refined sugars. Foods like cheese, yogurt and milk should be avoided if you are coughing up green mucus, as they will only make it thicker. Refined sugar and refined white flour products are also not so good, so you should stick with whole grain. Chocolate should be avoided as well, because of its high refined sugar content.

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One Response to “The green mucus diet – cleanse your body with these powerful foods – Part 2.”

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    Chris Says:
    What about liquids? What kind of liquids would the most helpful to consume if you’re coughing up green mucus? It says here to avoid milk and dairy drinks, but what about tea and juice? Are they OK?