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Top 10 Natural Remedies for an Inflamed Pancreas – Updated Article With New Information

An inflamed pancreas will lead to symptoms such as sharp pains in the abdominal area. These pains can also be felt in the lower back. Some more serious symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, and fever. An inflamed pancreas is a chronic condition, which is best treated with dietary changes. The most important of these changes is to eliminate the intake of any form of alcohol. Other dietary treatments include a low fat, high-carb diet, which allows the pancreas to function better, because less pancreatic enzymes are required for the digestion process. Here we present you with 10 specific things you can do for an inflamed pancreas.

Inflamed Pancreas

1. Elimination of alcohol. As mentioned above, all forms of alcohol should be excluded from your diet. It is extremely hard on the pancreas, so stopping drinking alcohol is probably one of the best remedies for an inflamed pancreas.

2. Natural pain relief. You can get natural analgesics for pain at your local health food store. These work very well in eliminating the sharp pains of an inflamed pancreas, but at the same time are not so hard on it.

3. A liquid diet. Another one of the natural remedies for an inflamed pancreas is to simply intake more liquids. This can include soups, broth, or gelatin instead of many solid foods.

4. Rest. This is a key natural remedy for an inflamed pancreas. Rest helps relieve the symptoms associated with an inflamed pancreas, and your body needs it for the healing process to take place. Try to lie in bed as much as your day allows.

5. A healthy lifestyle. Eliminating things like caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol, as well as regular exercise will decrease your chances of developing a tumor of the pancreas and eliminate symptoms of an inflamed pancreas.

6. Avoid dairy products. Milk and other dairy products can be difficult to digest and are hard on the stomach. They might also cause nausea and vomiting. It is best to stick to water and tea.

7. Avoid caffeine. Caffeine is difficult for your system to process and it makes you pancreas work more and harder. As with the case of an inflamed pancreas, it should rest more and work less, as was mentioned above.

8. Lose weight. This is another great natural remedy for an increased pancreas. The extra weight you carry, especially if you are obese, is very hard on your pancreas, just like alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine.

9. Avoid smoking. Smoking is very hard on an inflamed pancreas, and eliminating tobacco will reduce your risk of making it even worse.

10. Educate yourself. When you learn on your own about what you can do to take care of your pancreas better, you will know what works best for you. Self-education is very important in helping you make smart choices and the right actions when it comes to an inflamed pancreas.

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2 Responses to “Top 10 Natural Remedies for an Inflamed Pancreas – Updated Article With New Information”

  1. 1
    lori Says:
    yes i have had cp for over a year now i have had two ERCP'S done in the past month in a half and just recently had an attack after theses procedures were done the doctors do not know why this happened but was in the hospital for three days with this again it seems latlely it happens every month. I have changed my diet pretty much to nothing but liquids and still no luck if any body has any answers od suggestions please let me know.... Thank -you
  2. 2
    beverly kng Says:
    Please give me some advice.I have had surgeries for pancreas.I still have severe pancreatitis attacks.