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Study Indicates Red Wine may Assist in Reducing Senior Falls

Scientists studying the main compound resveratrol, one of the main chemicals found in red wine, have discovered some rather interesting results. may help seniors in maintaining their balance and in the reduction of falls.

Red Wine Against Senior Falls

The study involved young and older mice who were fed a resveratrol rich diet. The testing involved placing the mice on a balance beam to test for balancing abilities. Initially, the older mice had difficulties keeping their balance, however, after a 4 weeks process, the older mice began showing greatly improved balance skills, comparative to the younger mice.

This discovery may help as a breakthrough in addressing a major problem for seniors. Approximately one third of all adults 65+ experience falling problems, which can result in sprained or broken bones or other medical problems. Resveratrol is showing that it has a minor effect on the brain to assist in balance. Resveratrol can be made available in a supplement form as well as in red wine, and may indeed be a method to reduce the falls and injuries associated with falls in our seniors.


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