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Interesting Apple Nutrition Facts – Updated Article With New Information

Here are some apple nutrition facts that everyone should know about to encourage them to eat this wonderful fruit:

Apple Nutrition Facts

· One apple, on average, contains more antioxidants than a large vitamin C dose of 1,500 mg. Apples are also full of phytochemicals that help with antioxidant activity, as well as in preventing cancer. Antioxidants combat particles in the body called free radicals, which can significantly damage the cells and may contribute to the development of certain cancer types. Apples can help turn all this around.

· Phytonutrients contained in apples are another type of antioxidant. These assist in fighting the harmful effects of bad LDL cholesterol, which, in turn, prevents heart disease.
· Apples have been found to prevent or decrease the effects of osteoporosis because they contain a flavanoid called phloridzin, as well as boron. Boron is an essential trace element that increases bone density and makes bones stronger.
· Another one of the apple nutrition facts is that they contain quercetin, which is a substance that could protect brain cells from developing Alzheimer’s disease, caused by free radical damage.
· Apples contain pectin, which helps the digestive process, since it is a soluble fiber. One apple has the same amount of fiber that is contained in a breakfast bran cereal bowl. Also, the pectin contained in apples supplies the body with galacturonic acid, which is a substance that decreases the body’s insulin needs and, in turn, may assist in managing diabetes.
· There are many apple health benefits because they have many vitamins and minerals that have been shown to strengthen the blood. At the same time, they do not contain any fat, cholesterol, or sodium.
· Apples have tartaric and malic acids, which can assist with digestion and liver disorders. In addition, drinking apple cider vinegar may prevent kidney stone formation.
· There are many complex carbohydrates in apples, which provide a sustained energy boost, as opposed to processed, sugary foods. Also, research has confirmed that apples have positive effects on lung function, which help you breathe more easily.
· Surely one of the most important apple health benefits is their ability to help prevent different types of cancer. For example, according to a study that was conducted with 10,000 people, those who consumed apples regularly decreased their chances of developing lung cancer by 50 percent. The risk of breast cancer was found to have fallen by 17 percent. One study conducted on rats concluded that an extract made from apple skins decreased their chances of getting colon cancer by 43 percent. Other studies have confirmed these results by concluding that apples generally reduce the risk of colon cancer and keep the digestive tract healthy. Apple skin extract was also found to decrease the risk of liver cancer by 57 percent.

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2 Responses to “Interesting Apple Nutrition Facts – Updated Article With New Information”

  1. 1
    Sara Says:
    Lots of great useful info about apples. Does anyone know what kind of apples is the healthiest? Because, there are a lot, and personally I prefer Granny Smith. How do these rate on the overall healthy apple scale?
  2. 2
    Ingrid Says:
    Apples are great – I love them. I always wondered though, how many I should eat a day to get all these benefits mentioned above?