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7 Best Foods For Bodybuilding Diet Plan – Updated Article With Additional Information

The bodybuilding diet plan requires taking in more protein than the average person in order to add muscle. However, balance here is important, because you don’t want to take in too much unhealthy fat with all that protein. Here are seven bodybuilding foods that are perfectly balanced with the bodybuilding diet plan.

Bodybuilding Diet Plan

1. Egg whites. are a wonderful source of protein, so it is one of the best bodybuilding foods. However, egg yolks contain a lot of unwanted cholesterol. So, separating and eating the whites is the optimal choice. You get all of the necessary protein, but none of the unhealthy cholesterol.

2. Protein shakes. The bodybuilder’s diet consists of 3 meals a day, plus several snacks in between the meals. Protein shakes are the best option for those snacks. Usually a protein shake consists of protein powder, skim milk, and flavoring of fresh or frozen fruit. If a protein shake is prepared correctly, it is a great high-protein, low-fat bodybuilding food.

3. Black beans. Bodybuilders need a lot of energy throughout the day. Black beans are great for this, because they release their energy slower, which makes it last longer. Black beans are also a wonderful source of protein and carbohydrates.

4. Oatmeal (non-instant). Apart from protein, the bodybuilding diet plan also requires carbohydrates, which provide energy for workouts. Oatmeal is a great choice for this, as long as you stay away from the instant kinds that are full of sugar and preservatives.

5. Brussels sprouts. These are high in Vitamin C and fiber, and contain very few calories. So, you can eat a lot of them without getting any fat. Kale, cabbage, or other leafy greens are also suitable if you are not a fan of Brussels sprouts.

6. Flaxseeds. You can’t have a bodybuilder’s diet without flaxseeds. They are rich in omega-3 fats and have high levels of fiber, both of which are extremely healthy. Flaxseeds can be ground up in a coffee grinder and sprinkled on salads. You can also bake muffins with them.

7. Clams. Apart from being a wonderful source of protein, clams are rich in iron, which is very easily absorbed by the body. This bodybuilder’s food is also a good source of Vitamin B12, which ensures the health of your body and mind.

Another important thing to mention is water. It is very important to drink as much water as you can handle, because all those toxins generated at the gym need to be flushed out. If you drink 1 gallon a day, that’s good. But if you can drink 2 gallons, that’s probably even better. It’s important for bodybuilders to stay hydrated all the time. A good indication of whether you are drinking enough water is the color of your urine. If it is yellow, then that’s a sign that you’re not drinking enough. It should be practically clear, which means your body is getting enough liquids.

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    Muscles Says:
    For clams, it would be helpful to know why iron in the diet is so important. Also, I'd go a bit further to say that most types of beans (not just black beans) are nutritionally very good for those people trying to bulk up. Lots of people here seem to be in that category.
  2. 2
    rahul Says:
    m weight 60 kilograms so plz sugest m wich supplenent i take
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    narender singh Says:
    i am 19years old and i have cutting on my body but my sizes are not increas pleas give me some tipes about size increasing
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    vinod Says:
    Dear Sir, My name is vinod n my height is 5 by 11 n my weight is 55 pls let me know how to increase my weight....n also u said me how to increse my body...beacuse i m going in a gim....before 1yr. i hope u can reply me as soon as possible. Thnaking you, Vinod Yadav
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    katie Says:
    you lean ones out there eat lots of protein! im serious! ALOT
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    kishore kumar Says:
    my weight is 66kilogrms and i am 6feet height. so i look lean only pls sugest me sir
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    kishore kumar Says:
    give me a regular diet plan to build a huge mass i ll be so thank ful to u if u do this help to me
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    kishore kumar Says:
    i am not so lean but my muscles are not very big and mass...........i want to increase my body mass........i have a sexy shape but no mass thats my big problem u sugest me pls
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    jatinder singh sonu Says:
    sir iwant to become body builder but body is very slim please guide me what can i do for it
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    anu Says:
    i am 47 kg with 5.5 feet height,i look sooooooo lean plz help me to gain weight ,plz suggest some foods that can make gain weight.........is the protien powder bad or good to gain weight???????/
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    Bimal Says:
    I am 27 year-old having a slim look. I want to increase my weight from 54 to 65 kg with a shaped body. What do u suggest me?
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    katie Says:
    Im a 20 year old female bodybuilder! im ripped lovin it! the food is strict but u feel great about yourself! any questions for me let me know!
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    bodybuilding Says:
    What about female bodybuilding?
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    jashandeep singh Says:
    hello sir ..i m a 15 yrs comleted boy in iindia ...i had been exercised since above 1 year ...i hav changes in my body but a bulky ...not a good response....plz tell me natural diets which are available easily... i want to yours affectoinately .........plz reply
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    jean-Paul, van Doren Says:
    Like all the comments alot but need to customise I am 63 today .5.11 34 w and almost 100 kg want to get to 82 kg ! any suggestions please! I would be inmeasurably grateful also need to find energy somewhere to do this work out and running Yours truly Jean-Paul