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Don’t Blame Your Kids for What’s in Your Grocery Cart: Nutrition Truth or Dare

We can all talk the talk of healthy eating habits but the ultimate test is what is in that grocery cart at check out time. Almost all of us know to not do your shopping when you are hungry, because you will add items that you don’t need as well as those that are less healthy.

Grocery Cart

Another thing that parents do is to grab the prepared, packaged sugary treats. Yes, the reason is that most of us have very little time and these are just easier. We are not doing anyone any favors on this one, because packaged foods and snacks contain chemicals and a lot of sodium. The best thing is to examine your cart as you do your shopping. Make sure you have a good balance of fresh vegetables and fruits; organic items would be preferred. If you need to buy frozen prepared foods, look for those that not only say ‘all natural’ but contain the USDA certified organic seal. Snacks relate in the same manner, however, healthy organic fruit snacks are the best.


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