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5 Reasons Soy is Unhealthy – Part 2

4) Mineral Deficiencies

5 Reasons Soy is Unhealthy

Unlike other proteins, soy contains trypsin inhibitors which inhibit protein digestion and phytic acid which block essential minerals from being absorbed. This is especially dangerous for vegetarians and vegans that place soy at the center of their diets. Blood works shows that high consumption of soy as your sole protein can lead to deficiencies in calcium, magnesium and iron. This is particularly harmful to pregnant women that need maximum mineral absorption for their health and the health of the baby. Eating meat with soy helps offset mineral deficiencies.

5) Pesticide Contamination

Soy has the highest level of pesticide contamination of all foods. These crops are sprayed with industrial pesticides, such as hexane solvents, numerous times as they are grown. Furthermore, most soy is genetically modified and far from the natural. The soil even contains a high amount of aluminum that absorbs into the crops. The soy industry has powerful lobbyists who work to keep soy unregulated so they can keep raking in the big profits.

Whey, Casein and Egg proteins are by far healthier alternative proteins. Small amounts of fermented soy can have their health benefits but unfortunately few American abide by that diet. The dangers of soy are one of the most underreported health topics. The benefits are extolled with little attention to the serious threats overconsumption of soy poses to our health.

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