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Bone Density Treatment: Is the Cure Worse than the Condition?

A diagnosis of osteoporosis is not uncommon in women that are aged fifty and older. Osteoporosis causes bone density to thin and as we age, breaking a bone can be a major medical issue. Medicinal treatments have come out on the market to assist in combating the disease, but each one has a litany of side effects.

Bone Density

Women should get bone density scans as they reach the age of fifty, however, many don’t. Typically, a scan is done every other year or so and if diagnosed with osteoporosis, a medication treatment is assigned. The medicines can cause everything from flu-like symptoms to a degrading of the jaw bone. This has raised the question as to whether the cure is worse than the condition.

For those diagnosed early, many practitioners are requesting a higher intake of vitamin D and calcium, along with magnesium. These allow the absorption of the vitamins and help to build bone structure. Many women are also opting for bone density on an annual basis, to monitor the progress.


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