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3 Ways Yoga Can Add Years to Your Life

Yoga provides a complete wellness model that can add years to your life. The mental and physical health benefits from continued yoga practice will also increase your quality of life. While many are quick to judge and stereotype yoga, below are a number of reasons everyone whether a man or woman, old or young, should make yoga practice part of their life.

3 Ways Yoga Can Add Years to Your Life

1) Increased Flexibility
As we age we become less flexible which makes us more prone to injury and pain. Yoga stretches each and every muscle. This not only improves mobility but also protects you from falls. Even if you begin yoga with very little flexibility you will see dramatic improvements over time. You feel less pain and will be able to enjoy activities you once thought you would never experience again.


Yoga is all about lengthening the spine. By lengthening your spine and strengthening your back muscles you will improve your overall posture. Good posture supports your body digestive and respiratory system and just like flexibility, will reduce back pain.

3) Detoxification

Yoga is an amazing way to detoxify your body. Everyday our circulatory, digestive and lymph systems produce waste from the food we eat to the fluids your body collects from transport to the lymph nodes. Yogic breathing heats your body from the inside out which dispels toxins and clears out carbon dioxide from your body. Furthermore, yoga postures turn and twist your body to squeeze the toxins out of your major organs. This prevents sickness and strengthens your immune system. When you finish your practice you can physically feel the detoxification. It is one of the most gratifying feelings in the world.

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