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Kids Crossing the Gender Line

We are a society that seems to impress gender distinctions on our children at a very early age. These distinctions can cause devastation problems in a child’s life, including bullying, teasing and identity confusion. Thankfully, some toy stores are taking steps to make changes in this direction through the creation of toy worlds, as opposed to gender-specific areas.

Kids Crossing the Gender Line

Separating the pink and blue for girls and boys can create a problem for our kids. Why can’t a girl carry a lunchbox that features Star Wars characters? While the lines of distinction should never be so specific, it has already been shown that we need to encourage creativity and self-identity without closing into a harsh, predetermined gender box.

Many of the toy manufacturers are joining this concept through slight differentiations to allow both boys and girls to enjoy the same product, but branded just a little bit differently for each.


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