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3 Myths about Hormone Replacement Therapy

Whether you are a woman going through menopause or a man in his forties and fifties with declining testosterone, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has many health benefits from reducing your risk of cancer to improving your sex drive. Despite all the science behind hormone replacement therapy, there are many myths that make hormone therapy look dangerous and unhealthy. Below are some common myths that need to be dispelled.

3 Myths about Hormone Replacement Therapy

1) Hormone Replacement Therapy Does Not Work
False: There are many types of hormone replacement therapy from patches and gels to tablets and injections. Even if one type of HRT does not prove successful, there are many other alternatives that do work. HRT essentially increases hormone levels back to healthy levels for optimal health, energy and drive. They work to lower the risk of blood clots, relieve hot flashes, and strengthen bones. It also increases sex drive for both men and women.

2) Hormone Replacement Therapy is the Same as Buying Steroids

False: Unlike buying steroid online or from someone at the gym, hormone replacement therapy is regulated by a doctor. That means that they run tests, tailor the therapy individually, and use clean quality hormones. Having the supervision of the doctor increases both the efficacy and safety of the process. Plus most people on HRT want to feel better and look better.

3) Hormone Replacement Therapy Will Make Look Like a Bodybuilder
False: Again, these are not street drugs and the goal is not drug abuse. As we age both men and women experience hormonal changes that fuel the aging process. We get tired, lose muscle mass and lack a sex drive. HRT can reverse the effects of aging and add years to your life.

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