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What Do I Need to Know about Menopause and Women’s Health?

Menopause and women’s health are closely related, and menopause can cause many symptoms that can be uncomfortable or even frightening if you do not realize what is going on. Menopause occurs when your body naturally reduces the amounts of female hormones that are produced, usually from aging but this can also be a result of having your ovaries and uterus surgically removed during a hysterectomy for any reason. Irregular periods, as well as pms depression and women’s health concerns can be quite common when hormone production is reduced. Menopause also means that your childbearing years are ending, and this can have effects as well. There are hormone replacement treatments that can help if you are having symptoms, but these are not for everyone and do carry some risks.

Menopause And Womens Health

When it comes to menopause and women’s health, there are also many natural treatments and home remedies that can help with the symptoms as well. During menopause you may experience fatigue, irritability, night sweats, sleeplessness, headaches, and other bothersome symptoms. The good news is that menopause will pass, and your body will regulate a lower hormone production over time. One factor with menopause and women’s health is the fact that certain risks, such as cancers and other medical diseases and problems, can increase because of lower hormone levels. If you suffer from this condition and your symptoms become severe, talk with your physician about all of your treatment options. Soy is a great food that has naturally occurring phytoestrogens, which act as female hormones in your body. Consuming soy can help minimize menopause symptoms without drugs or high risks.

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