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What’s the Best Natural Help for Hot Flashes?

Natural help for hot flashes may be just what you are looking for, but which methods work best? Menopause and women’s health means hot flashes and all of the other symptoms that go along with your hormone levels dropping. You can experience irregular periods, and may feel like you are burning up. You can get relief naturally though, and this is important for your overall health. There are hormone replacement therapies which may alleviate menopause symptoms, but these can carry many risks. A better way to manage these symptoms is to look at the triggers which occur right before you start to feel warm. For many women certain factors, such as stress, a warm environment, alcohol, caffeine, spices, or other things can trigger a hot flash. Determining these triggers and avoiding them may also help minimize your hot flashes.

Natural Help For Hot Flashes

Natural help for hot flashes can also include a glass of ice water. When you start to feel warm you can sip on your ice water and it will soothe and cool your internal core. This may prevent or minimize your hot flash and stop it before it can start or get worse. A cold shower may also help, and you can stand in the shower and let the cool water flow over you until the sensation has passed. Natural help for hot flashes can include many different ways to cool down, without risky drugs or other products. A lot of women have said that their freezer was their best friend during menopause, and sticking their head in the freezer helped immensely.

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2 Responses to “What’s the Best Natural Help for Hot Flashes?”

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    Robin Says:
    To Dale's comment - Ice Water works best when you are getting a hot flash it stops them immediately I have also found that vitamin E helps BUT each person is different so they would have to figure out what works for them