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Is It Bad to Get Irregular Periods?

Are irregular periods a sign of medical problems? The answer depends, because often this can be caused by different reasons such as stress or physical activity, but in rare cases this can be considered a sign of a medical problem. The medical term for irregular periods is Oligomenorrhea, and around one third of all women who are in their childbearing years may suffer from this condition without any serious problems. One factor is that even though the periods may be irregular you may still suffer from PMS depression and women’s health changes around the time you would normally get your period. Sometimes PMS fatigue treatment may affect your menstrual cycle as well, and cause your periods to become irregular for a time.

Irregular Periods

Irregular periods can be also caused by poor nutrition, and by extreme amounts of exercise. Female athletes in endurance competitions may get irregular periods, or even none at all for a time. High stress levels can also play a part in your cycle, and may affect your periods. If you are going through a period of very high stress you may just get a light flow, spotting, or no period at all. Another cause of this condition can be menopause. As you age your body will naturally start to produce less hormones, and this can change your period and cause it to become irregular. Teen girls who are just starting a menstrual cycle may also have irregularperiods for the first months, until the cycle evens out and becomes regular. Pregnancy also changes your periods, and you may not have one at all or you may just have a light flow.

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