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What’s the Link Between PMS Depression and Women’s Health?

Is there a link between PMS depression and women’s health? Scientific research and experts say that there is. Women who suffer from PMS, irregular periods, and depression all have higher rates of other medical problems, including lowered immunities and higher numbers of visits for treatment. PMS fatigue treatment may be needed because of a lack of energy and a tired feeling all the time, and this has a direct effect not only on your health but also your quality of life. PMS depression can make cramping and other uncomfortable symptoms feel more severe, and the psychological symptoms can have a profound effect on the way you think and feel. For some women PMS and the associated problems can become so severe that medication may be needed.

Pms Depression And Women

PMS depression and women’s health are related, and if you suffer from this condition you may be at higher risks for other problems as well. In rare cases the depression caused by this condition can become so severe that hospitalization may be required. PMS depression and women’s health are related in other ways as well. Women who are depressed do not get enough activity, and this can have medical consequences on your entire body. Another common activity is eating rich or high fat foods, which increase the risks of weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and other medical conditions. If your suffer from PMS depression it is important to take steps to address this problem before it can become worse. You can use natural and herbal remedies, because many times these can help immensely. You can also see your physician and discuss this problem if you feel you need professional help.

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