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Top 10 Methods to Prevent Menopause Bloating

  • Bloating as part of menopause
  • Medical studies and menopause remedies
  • 10 ways to help prevent menopause bloating: the menopause diet and herbal remedies for menopause

Menopause brings on a plethora of new and unusual body experiences. One day you feel normal, the next night you wake up in sweats. Gastrointestinal discomfort is another moment of discovery. You find yourself asking “where did my body go and who replaced it with this one”? Menopause bloating is embarrassing and uncomfortable. Gas distress can be rampant during menopause, as your body decreases in estrogen level. Medical studies suggest that the diet can also be to blame: too many high sugar foods including fruit and certain vegetables such as cauliflower, onion and broccoli that create more bacteria in already irritated intestines. Fear not, life does not have to be this way forever. You can take charge of your body and the new direction it has taken through medical and alternative methods. Here are the top 10 methods to help prevent menopause bloating:

Menopause Bloating

The overall understanding is that you must adjust your eating habits to a newer and more healthy menopause diet.

1. Reduce salt intake

Excessive sodium in the blood leads to retaining water in the tissues. It would be ideal to cut down on junk foods. Avoiding salty fries, pepperoni pizza and other foods containing hidden salt, some types of salad dressings, cereals and canned soups would be a good start. Make reading the labels a part of your shopping routine, before you buy food off the shelves. American food manufacturers add sodium in everything, even when it doesn’t need it.

2. Get exercising

Start walking, bicycling, and similar activities. These can help reduce water build up in your body. With age, you generally tend to reduce such activities, when you actually need to do the exact opposite!

3. Watch your Vitamin C

Although ascorbic acid – Vitamin C – increases water output from the kidneys, its excessive use could stress your kidneys and there is a likelihood of increase in retaining water in the future. There are certain things you can try to increase the output of water from your body.

4. Tincture of Dandelion ; one of the herbal remedies for menopause

About 10 to 20 drops of this tincture is a great way to reduce your water levels. It helps in removing excess fluid from the cells, nourishing and toning your kidneys, the adrenals and the liver. It increases the ability to digest food and aids hormones to ease menopausal change.

5. Dong Quai; another of the menopause remedies

When used regularly, it relieves bloating, and has a diuretic effect – increase in the discharge of urine. This oil also has a mild sedative effect, soothing the intestines and bladder.

6. Helpful Foods

Eating asparagus, corn, cucumber, grapes, and watermelon may be helpful. Reduce intake of parsley, celery, black tea and coffee in order to avoid water retention.

7. Other herbal remedies for menopause

Certain oils, such as cypress, geranium, juniper, lavender and rosemary, may help reduce water retention in your body. These essential oils may be used in the form of baths, gargles, mouthwashes, vaporizers, inhalants, as well as compresses and massages.

8. Herb and Mineral Supplements for your menopause diet

Talk to your doctor about herbal and mineral supplements. Communication with your doctor is important as some people may have different reactions to herbal supplements for various reasons. Just because herbs come from nature doesn’t mean they are necessarily safe. Some herbs that are reported to aid in the relief of bloating are common home remedies in the relief of menopause.

9. Probiotic foods may help as a menopause remedy

Natural foods that include probiotic (good) bacteria can help to balance the digestive tract. Yogurt, sour cream and whey are easy to buy. Just make sure that they are low in sugar and sodium.

10. HRT or BHRT

Synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is surrounded by problematic situations: Higher cancer are on the top of the list and water retention that causes bloating at the bottom of the list. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is hailed by naturopaths, independent compounding pharmacists and many in the medical community. Main stream medicine, tied in so tightly with the pharmaceutical companies, refuse to embrace anything that may reduce the income of the drug companies.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Annabelle Says:
    You mention that Dong Quai oil is an effective remedy, but I've never even heard of this one. So, I was wondering if anyone knows anything more about it, and where I can get it. I've never seen it at a health foods store.