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7 Best Foods For Pancreatitis Diet – update with additional information

Pancreatitis is a condition caused by the inflammation of the pancreas. This organ is responsible for releasing various enzymes, which are responsible for food digestion. When this release is obstructed, the person can experience constant or severe abdominal pain, as well as fever, nausea, and vomiting.

Pancreatitis Diet

In the past we talked about the 7 best foods for a Pancreatitis Diet, which include the following:

Probiotics are crucial in a pancreatitis diet. These live bacteria in yogurt help keep the balance of your digestive system, as well as help to maintain your body’s immunity level, which prevents inflammation.

-Vegetable soup
This is another wonderful option, but it should not contain any meat. A tomato-based broth is highly recommended, as it is rich in antioxidants, which is what helps ensure a healthy pancreas. The extra fluid in soup is also highly beneficial.

Spinach is an excellent choice as well, and there are various ways in which it can be consumed, such as a salad base or a side dish.

Antioxidants contained in blueberries will help you fight back against free radicals, which is what makes your condition worse.

-Red wine or Red Grapes
Red wine is rich in an important antioxidant called Resveratrol. Therefore, you may want to consider a glass of wine once or twice a day. However, if alcohol tends to irritate your condition, try eating red grapes instead (their skin contains the same antioxidant).

A major pancreatitis cause is that the bloodstream contains high levels of fat. Therefore, meat should be eliminated from the diet in order to avoid future attacks. Tofu is a good substitute for the necessary protein.

-Red Reishi Mushrooms
These will help restore your system’s balance, which is very important in order to avoid inflammation.

Other beneficial foods include cereal, oatmeal, spaghetti, bread, oats, rice, fruits, vegetables, and soy products. In addition, there are a few basic guidelines to follow if you are on a Pancreatitis Diet. There are certain herbs that are also recommended in the Pancreatitis diet, and some of them include Ginger root, Indian Gooseberry, Asian ginseng, Licorice root, cinnamon Chinese bark, Peony root, but you probably need to consult a herbalist for more information on which of them you can include in your Pancreatitis diet.

Your diet should be low in fat; its daily total should never be more than 40g. You should eat small portions and often, so as not to elevate your symptoms. Products to be avoided in the Pancreatitis diet include caffeine, tobacco, spicy foods, eggs, butter, cheese, fried foods, bacon, pizza, beer, beans, and other general gas-forming foods, which could cause inflammation of the pancreas. It is also worth mentioning that those who have Pancreatitis may develop deficiencies in Selenium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. Pancreatitis patients are also recommended to include Vitamin B12 in their diet.

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60 Responses to “7 Best Foods For Pancreatitis Diet – update with additional information”

  1. 1
    Lilly Abbott Says:
    That’s what I say in this edition that the use of drugs like Vicodin, Hydrocodone, Lortab are very beneficial for Parkinson's, but they must be properly controlled and that are also used improperly, they should see what is indicated in the articles that have findrxonline on these drugs...
  2. 2
    kirankumar Says:
    I kirankumar M29, India, Respected Sir, Its urgent for me to know how to care my wife, my wife is 27years ole and she is pregnent, she is today 5 month is get completed and now today we found that she is cronic pancritits patent pls suggest me how to save my wife and my baby, pls help
  3. 3
    Debbie Says:
    Marsha..I too can relete to what you wrote. I have so much fear. I work out in the countryside, and am terrified when I feel an attack coming on. It happens so fast..that all I can do is dial emergency for help. The pain is severe along with weakness, sweating, paleness, very slow heart rate, and sever low blood pressure. I have battled this demon for three years, and I can't seem to get a grip on it. I have to turn down invitations to dine...invitations to cattages etc..because I live in fear of having another attack. I live in Canada, and it seems that there isn't much information regarding diet here either. I sometimes forget that I have a chronic illness, and eat the wrong thing, and sure enough..I am in hell again. I have never experienced such pain. Like many of you, I go through the same routine after an attack, but eventually I begin to eat again, and it could take one small item of the wrong food and I suffer an attack. My first attack put me in crytical condition, and although this past attack a month ago was not as severe, it took six hours of constant morphine to ease my pain. I feel that there is not enough information about this dreadful disease, and pray that it can be publisized more. Maybe with more public awareness..we can teach people about the way we are forced to live,,,maybe we will be able to stop explaing why we are so ill. By the way..I never was a drinker, and they suspect that my chronic pancreatitis was caused from one severe attack of acute pancreatitis...resulting from a diuretic that I was on for many years to contro high blood pressue. I wish you all the very best, and that God will ease your suffering.... Debbie
  4. 4
    Tumara Says:
    I was hospitalized for the second time with pancreatitis last month. This time it was only for 4 days. The first time I was hospitalized I was in for over a month. I had levels of amylase in the 900s and was very sick. They did an unltrasound, a CT scan and then an ERCP. I was sicker, than ever because they caused a flair-up and still did not find the cause. I do not have diabetes, high cholesterol nor am I a drinker. The theory was that I had some gall stones stuck somewhere in the ducts since I had had my gallbladder removed in 1997. But we never found anything. I had to have a pic line put in to give me nutrition and had to be fed through a feeding bag and missed two months of work. I am almost 45 years old and am not overweight, why cant they find out what is causing me to have this problem. I feel terrible for all of us who have to go through this. I too am afraid to eat anything and I would be terrified to try red wine. Is no fat the answer or is it low fat? I would love to talk to other people going through this problem, thanks for your input.
  5. 5
    Jennifer Says:
    I was diagnosed with cp about a month ago. I get pains in the stomache but not bad.. I have more of a full annoying feel in my stomache all the time. It doesn't go away... Theres time when I get these attacks and feels like Im going to have a heart attack. Is this normal. When those happen it's sometimes all day on and off. Wired. I also get dizzy and light headed. Yet again is this normal. What really sucks is when you suffer so does youre family. My husband totally understands but the boys don't. This disease really sucks and my heart goes out to all of you and youre familys. I.m not sure what to eat anymore... I went on line and they have reciepes that you can make.. Havent tried them but I will. Thanks for sharing all youre information. For a minute I thought I was loosing my mind... Good luck and wishing everyone the best. I do agree and they do need to get some knd of group together where everyone can vent and talk about it. I live in the Antelope valley. I would love to get something going with this. Thanks again.
  6. 6
    bella Says:
    I have chronic pancreitis. ..I've lost all family due to this disease.no one believes the pain I have.they think I'm a hypercondriac.I don't drink or do drugs..but that's what u get accused of even when u go to the hospital for help....the pain is way worse than having a baby....don't know what to do..nothing helps..I live in constant pain. ..and can no longer work....
  7. 7
    sherry Says:
    hello, i am very sypathetic with everyone having this disease. we recently found out that my brother has pancreatitis.. theyre not sure if its acute or not yet. But he has been in so much pain. im looking up things on here to find out so he can do or what not to do. He went to the emergency room and they didnt even give him a diet to go by. so now he has a follow up visitwith another dr. hopefully this diet will help him out, because he loves to eat. if anybodyelse know of food that you can have with this disease plzz dont hesitate to let me know.. his wife a lil over a year ago had died with kidney failure, and they have 4 kids.. he has delt with that, and now hes goin through this plzzzz help me i dont wanna lose him too. =(
  8. 8
    ML Says:
    Hi~ I have had ap since 1997, it is the worse pain I have ever had, and is the scariest , you will ever experience. as it gets worse before getting better. I used to drink alot, but only beer....that is what started it. I quit drinkingand smoking 5 years ago, and it has disappeared. So I would NOT drink the red wine I have a drink maybe 1-2x a year., for a holiday etc. I also beleive that stress and smoking make it worse or even start attacks. You think after all this time, I wouldn't mess around with anything to hurt my panco. But I have been taking Alli the diet drug for almost a year, and it brought a light case on.... Don't use this weight loss drug! I just threw them out. eating well, and exercising, and living a clean life is the only way to be.........please take my advise and don't drink, it will kill you.
  9. 9
    rakesh Says:
    try yoga, there might be some asanas which might be helpful in containing the CP.
  10. 10
    samie Says:
    Digestive enzymes may help, depending on the source of inflammation or type of pancreatitis. The brand NOW Pancreatin 400 works well, or Rx Creon. There are other brands of enzymes, but all of them should have lipase, amylase, protease in the thousands of units. Check with your Dr. to see if your cp will be helped by the addition of digestive enzymes. A no fat diet works wonders along with digestive enzymes. I eat most everything with about 8 pills per meal. There are many fat free/low fat foods, milks, cheeses, crackers, ice creams that one can have and sustain their weight along with fruits, veggies, chicken. Stay away from high fat meats, alcohol and store bought cakes, cookies, etc. I have been on this diet for 10 years, however, my cp may be from a different part of the pancreas which allows my diet to be adjusted with pancreatic enzymes. Good luck, watch what you eat....
  11. 11
    Debi Says:
    I have had pancreatitis for about 4 years. In 2007, they took out my gall bladder which didnt help. Last year they performed all the tests, CT, EGD, MRCP and ERCP. Still nothing. I just had a recent bout which is the worst I have ever had. Been on a liquid diet for 5 days, tried to eat today and got sick. No one seems to know the cause, I am not a drinker and my triglycerides are normal. My doctor says every once in a while they find someone like me. Well I am glad to see I am not alone.. I am looking for diet tips and mostly foods that I should avoid. I am planning on smaller meals. Anyone been on Enzyme therapy?
  12. 12
    Debbie Says:
    I agree with how you treat it....Do you have your doc watch your lipid levels? Deb
  13. 13
    Debbie Says:
    i TRY to avoid the hospital whenever possible. If I can keep fluids down I don't go to hospital.
  14. 14
    tony Says:
    we really need a bigger and better website to get this information out there. I have been playing russian roulette with my diet for first 2 months after 3 1/2 wks in er (1 wk critical care) the diet has to be followed to a T with no slip ups, they didnt explain that to me when I was discharged. I have found out the hard way to watch everything that goes into my body and to walk away from friends and situations that I know will stress me out. this disease is so much more complicated than anyone seems to talk about, the repercussions of not following strict guidelines are so much worse than anyones current symptoms (diabetes, numerous surgeries, pancreatic cancer, organ failure etc. anyone who just got diagnosed with this better get ready for a 150% complete lifestyle change starting this second. We all really need to keep up with updates on any web site we can find until we finally have a place that people can go and get the truth about how miserable this disease can be, for us as well as our loved ones. It would be nice for others to know the sacrificies we have to make just to stay out of the hospital, stay alive and stay out of pain!!!!!!!!
  15. 15
    Cynthia Says:
    Marsha, Your email almost made me cry because you are right on with exactly what happens to me. I am fortunate enough to work from home (thank god) because god forbid you be at work when you have an attack. It also is not very condusive to a relationship! When you have a bad attack it is unexplainable to someone who does not understand your disease. I don't go to the hospitol anymore, all the do is put you on an IV anyway and charge you an insane amout of money. I just go on a liquid diet (mostly just vitiam water)........Crazy as it seems that we can actually go several weeks without eating anything solid. I think the pain is horrible but your right, the hot and cold chills make you feel like your are going through detox! Take care, I wish you the best. Cynthia
  16. 16
    MARSHA Says:
  17. 17
    dayspring411 Says:
    I recently found out I have Pancreatitis. The abdomen pain mostly began 6 months ago. I'm new to this but I am planning to follow some of the foods listed above. I'm not going to drink red wine, but there is a Red Wine supplement --find it at Walmart pharmacy in the Vitamin section. Fruits and veggies and whole grains. Also, pray thanks over the food and ask GOD to bless it to nourish your body.
  18. 18
    Debbie Says:
    Achie feet yet, low BP no. What causes the achie feet?
  19. 19
    aprilrain Says:
    Has anyone had constatnt low blood pressure around 104/63 dizziness,headaches,extreme fatigue & tingling & achie feet? I'm not a diabetic the last time they checked but I'm seeing the doctor next week to check my sugar. I've been doing alot organic veggie juicing praying that will help rest my pancreas,liver & digestive system while flooding my body with minerals,vitamins & enzymes.
  20. 20
    Janice Says:
    Hi all, I have recently been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and I haven't had that many attacks but I do struggle with how to alter my diet and how to fight excessive gas problems. Does anyone have these problems??? I am very curious and read all of your posts but didn't see any mention of it. I am hoping to get my diet in order and blueberries seem to be on the menu! The no cakes and cookies rule has me back quite a bit, because I have a sweet tooth that I can't seem to satisfy with anything. When I was first diagnosed with it they put me on liquid diet fast for 3 days, that was fine, although I was very light headed and I wasn't thinking clearly. In the process of detoxing I had rather strange bowel movements. I love gravy like most people do so what alternates to gravy do any of you suggest? I do find I pay dearly for red meat and gravy the next day, or maybe even a few hrs later. I have a mild stomach cramp followed by excessive gas which is embarassing, I have tried all the usual methods, beano, gas-x, immodium, peptobismol, and none of them made much difference.
  21. 21
    aprilrain Says:
    I agree b;ueberries,cherries,etc are good for you but when you buy a concentrated ready to make drink at the store the enzymes are dead. Live enzymes in raw veggies & fruits take some the work off the pancreas & enzymes help heal the the body. So its always best to buy raw organic fruits & veggies juice them or eat them raw. Cooking food kills the enymes.
  22. 22
    Jakkie Says:
    FOR ALL OF YOU TALKING ABOUT RED WINE! There is non-alcoholic red wine! One place I know that makes it is Post Winery in Arkansas. That is postfamilie.com Just search for it on the internet. Health food stores may carry it too. Next, cherries were mentioned as being helpful. We have visited Door County, Wisconsin a few times and I know they grow the Montmorency cherry there. That is a cherry that is loaded with anti-oxidants. It is a tart cherry, not a sweet one. You can buy cherry juice (concentrated) over the internet from different orchards in Door County. Do a search for it. Blueberries are supposed to be beneficial too...and I know health food stores carry the concentrate in a bottle..so you only have to take like a tablespoon or so. Stay away from sugar though- if you want sweetener, use honey. Also, you should drink Kefir every day. You can find that in the refrigerated section at your grocery, if they sell pro-biotic. One serving of Kefir is a cup- read the label. It is mid-expensive, but go online and find coupons. Read about it and find coupons at lifeway.net Try drinking the Kefir when you first get up (and it comes in blueberry, by the way) to kind of smooth the process of eating period. Let the first thing you put in your mouth for the day be good for you..not a cup of coffee. Coffee is acidic and starts your day off that way if you drink it first thing. Drink plenty of water- it's a natural cleanser and helps regulate the organs. OH..be careful of the high sugar you might find in yogurt. Bacteria feeds on sugar, so you might want to eat the plain yogurt. If it's too tart for you, add some blueberries or cherries (the tart kind) and blend in a blender..or just eat it like it is.
  23. 23
    Renee Says:
    I have been suffering with Chronic Pancreatitis (and a few acute attacks a year) for the past 6 years. I have never been given the advice to DRINK ALCOHOL? Is this for real? My gastro specialist said I should not even drink a DROP of alcohol. I was never a big drinker to begin with when this stuff started years ago. It is really frustrating and my heart goes out to each and every one of you. It sucks even worse when you are very young and just starting out in this world (I was 22 yr old when it started). What has really helped me battle everyday pain and misery is to stick to a diet of no more than 30 grams of fat a day. It seems quite restrictive- but it really works! I have found alot of good food and drinks out there that help me stick to this. And on the plus side- you will most likely lose any unwanted weight you have (i have!). Again, with the red wine, if anyone has more info, please let me know-thank you!
  24. 24
    saima Says:
    I shall be 26 on coming 26 Mar, 10. 6 months ago doctor diaganose (after endoscopy) that I have ulcer in duodenum and that is why my pancrease swelled and causing a unbearable pain. At that time I was also hepatitus E positive. Now I dont feel that much pain i was suffering six months ago. But i still feel that my pancrease is swelled and a lightpain half of the time i spend awaking. Area of my pain is on the right side of stomach and the pain is very constant but light. My life style is full of tention Because I am doing a job and MBA-IT and many more things. So I can not be tention free specially in such circumstances when I feel sorry and worried (because of terrorism) for my country all the time. Please tell me what to do :(
  25. 25
    Miller Says:
    I have been diagnosed with cronic pancreatitis, getting pains on my stomach. I was diagnosed back in 2004. Ever since then I've been getting it every year but it's usually around the same time every year then it stopped. My mum came back from the states and she brought back this herbal stuff for me to drink, ever since then it stopped but just few days ago I started to get the same pains again, I think it's alot to do with diet because I find myself eating alot of fatty foods and not really looking after what I eat. I think diet plays a big part in this as well. I like the foods that was mentioned before maybe I should try that and see, not so much of a wine drinker but red wine is good for us. One way to find out is to TRY it out and see if it helps.
  26. 26
    Tony Says:
    HI to all.... I have C.P. for nearly 4 years now, and am scared to death of pancreatic cancer!! I tried accupuncture about 6 mos after initial diagnosis and was pain free, issue free almost completely for the next couple of years. Am now going through it all again, with the persistent pain, elevated lipase levels, fatigue, gas. Is there a chat room or formal group that we can do??' Would love to support one another and walk through this w/other empathetic people.
  27. 27
    linda franklin Says:
    Is being a vegetarian the best choice?
  28. 28
    Cinda Shultz Says:
    My heart goes out to anyone having this diagnosis. My latest flare-up was bad, bad -- high amylase count - in hospital (would have rather had a baby) = drugs and nothing by mouth for 4 days. then the usual progression. No answer to why. Taking the Pancreas (enzymes to help digest).. it causes some intestinal discomfort - told me to stay away from fats. I have learned so much from all of your comments. I agree, small amounts and the yogurt seems to help just before going to bed. I also will search for a good diet program and will post what I find. Am losing weight (not a bad thing yet) ha. One becomes 'afraid' to eat for fear of pain - even though there most all the time. I ate some 'Italian Ice' while in hospital - no nutritional value - but did find the cold non dairy item tamed the pain for a bit. They have it in sugar free aslo... Good luck to all and will post more food info once I find it. Thanks for your help, also. Am going to try the red wine.
  29. 29
    kirankumar Says:
    if u got good food book for cronic pancrititis then pls send me urgent
  30. 30
    Shaun Says:
    Shaun I have just been diagnosed with cronic pancreatitis myself. I started to get the pains back in May it's now mid-December i guess i shouldn't complain after reading about some of you very young people. I,am 39 yrs old and this has come as a shock to myself but now its time to deal with it and move foward since i still feel very young up until this past May. I 'am looking for good cook books and possilble eating programs to follow . I like most of the foods i've just read about i'am definately going the look into the red wine thing . If any one knows of any good food books let me no please and if the one on this web site is any good thanks!
  31. 31
    Linda VanWagner Says:
    I have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. I am on ultrace medication to replace the enzymes by body is not producing. I also had me colon removed 5yrs ago [because of ulcerate colitis] so I can dehydrate very quickly if I get diarrhea and or vomit. With no colon I have to be careful about certain foods that might not digest thoroughly. The skins on fresh fruit is one example.I can eat cooked fruit or canned fruit. I am having bouts with mild pain ,upset stomach, diarrhea and occasional vomiting. I really need a diet guide to help me eat the right foods and avoid the wrong foods. Any information on realistic diets would be helpful. Thank you
  32. 32
    veronica Says:
    my heart goes out to all of you. diagnosed with acute panc last week. I am 45 yo. told doc this horrible pain was worse than labor pains at that time. better now, maybe a 4 on that scale. anyway, diet info is great. will start right away. and to you little jillian, you will get better. all are in my prayers. GOD BLESS YOU!
  33. 33
    Cynthia Says:
    John, Did you find a group to join? I would be interested. I am 38 yrs old and was diagnosed 4 years ago. Systems same as yours but when it is inflamed, I vomit every few hours and can't eat anything. Sometimes it lasts a day or two, sometimes weeks. Lately it is just the dull pain in the stomach, chest and back that is pretty much constant. Have not stuck the strick diet though, and trying that now. It sure is not fun to be in pain all the, huh? Especially at 80 years old! I wish you the best! Cynthia
  34. 34
    Melanie Says:
    John, I have Crohn's disease, and multiple scerosis,I also was feeling very tired, had stomach pain, chest, and upper back pain, sleeping has become my "hobby". I just was diagnosed with pancreatitis, I also have a Hx of chronic kidney stones. Although I am not glad that you have any of these aches and pains, I am glad that I can relate with another person. Feel free to email me. Feel better soon!
  35. 35
    John Parisi Says:
    what does your comment is awaiting moderation? Friday, my doctor told me after a cat scan that i have inflammation of the pancreis. My systems were pain in the stomach, chest, and upper back. Always sleepy. I am eighty years old and like to join a group to discuss this problem.
  36. 36
    John Parisi Says:
    Just had a cat scan. Doctor called and said I had inflamation of the panceatitis. I have the symptons for a long time before dictor ordered a cat scan. jillian I sure do hope you get better. Have you tried Ensure it helped me sleep last night. John
  37. 37
    Jason Says:
    I have suffered from Acute Pancreatitis that started after years of alcohol abuse. No, aclohol is a not the only cause for it, but I did drink healthy at times and still suffered from the chronic later. I just dont think it is a good suggestion for anyone to drink alcohol if you have had acute or chronic pancreatitis. Whatever antixodants you get from Red Wine you should try to find it somewhere else. The risk is great with any form of alcohol over time!
  38. 38
    Cynthia Says:
    Wow, very interesting story! I was diagnosed about 4 yrs ago when I was admitted to the emergency room. I was sick for 3wks and could not keep any food down the entire time. It was a miracle I could move without any food for that long. Stress seems to activate flare ups so my DR gave me anti anxiety pills which I hate. If drinking only red wine seems to of helped you, I'm trying that! The toughest thing for me has been staying away from my favorite drink, martinis, don't miss any other alcohol. It's good to know that this disease isn't only alcohol related because I was embarressed to tell anyone I had it worried they would assume that I am an alcoholic. I agree with everyone that diet is very important, and I am wondering if anyone finds they just are not hunger as much, don't eat much but still seem to stay the same weight. I suppose eating small amounts all day would keep the metabolism up and give you a better chance because starvation slows it down to practically nothing. However, when I do have an attach, the DR said it is OK to quit eating and just hydrate and to also take prescription pain medication. Good luck to all of you, we all know how exteremely painful it can be and someone who has never experienced has NO idea that it feels like someone is pouring acid on how organs!
  39. 39
    Jillian Says:
    I have Acute Pancreantits,age 16, actually i got out the hospital today with good energy but strict diet plan, and i can drink wine like it says and everything i eat gives me an ache or something especially fruit, even yogurt, question is at this stage( step 3 i'm on) do u think ill have hope of getting better...hope tonight goes well back here at home...the pain sucks so badly, yah i got it first on monday the 16th then again the following saturday out with my buddies, horrible..i cried...now im on all this medicine and cant walk all that great cus im always dizzy..i was healthy before, no drinking, a virgin, athlete, and healty then this....and monday then wednesday my bday....had a bit of pain,.....and didint eat as much as normal, had a bowel movement, i agree tho with there always being that scale no matter what..it sucks alot! but will usually be there ....as the pass 9 docs had all told me, but how about a diet for teens-children....we still eat crazy!..lol it suck!!!
  40. 40
    Abu Fuadin Says:
    I'd like to hear more comments, did this diet really work for pain? I've had cp almost three years, propably caused by autoimmune disease + alcohol consumption. Since been without alcohol and think how will my pancreas act if I take redd wine with alcohol. Will there be acute attack... This all time pain makes me crazy, doctors don't know the cure. Pain is in scale 2-5 (from 1 to 10) all time whether you eat or not..
  41. 41
    Rhaah Says:
    Hello, I also suffer from chronic Pancreatitis. Ive changed my diet, was never a heavy drinker so to stop that was no problem.I still get the flare-ups and either place in the hospital or on bed rest. I've been searching the internet for some answers and every comment I see are the same answers. The doctor can't explain why or what keeps happening. I've been put through sonos, CT scans of both the pancreas and gallbladder and no stones or slug appears. Go figure. I would like to know if anyone has tried the recipe book made for people who suffer from this condition. If yes did it help? I really don't want to waste forty dollars if there is a better book out there. I am going to try the blueberris,, spinach mushrooms and yogurt How long before I should feel some relief?
  42. 42
    rakesh Says:
    hi, cynthia, perhaps when you are taking about surgery where nerves are are cut to stop the pain, you are referring to ceilic plexus block. use net to get more information about this.
  43. 43
    Cynthia Says:
    Katie, I was told by my internalist that if the pain becomes constant (which it has) that the only way to stop it is a surgeory where they cut the nerve to stop the pain. I have not researched this enough and plan to follow the diet before taking those measures, but I certainly know what you mean about being ready for the pain to stop! I use prescription pain killers when it becomes to much to bare. At least it is nothing like when it becomes inflamed and you just feel like crying because it hurts so bad you can't even move. Best to you Katie. I hope you find something that helps! Let me know what works for you!
  44. 44
    Katie Willis Says:
    I have suffered from cp for almost three years now. After the birth of my daughter, I started experiencing chest pains. I have a history of high blood pressure, so when I go to the emergency room complaining of chest pains, they listen! Doctor originally said I had acute pancreatitis. They kept doing tests for gallstones but never found any. Finally they told me I had a "disfunctioning gallbladder" and it needed to come out. I was all ready for the pain to stop. It didn't. I've cut out most fat (since I'm also trying to get back to a healthy weight, being almost 40 lbs overweight), cut out salt (high blood pressure), and all forms of caffeine and even the occasional alcohol. I love blueberries, red grapes and yogurt. Never been a fan of veggie soup or spinach or mushrooms or tofu, but if it helps, then "Hello, new favorite foods!"
  45. 45
    Melanie Says:
    I am having the same problem. What about other foods, what about some recipes?
  46. 46
    Chiqui Says:
    There doesn't seem to be much info re: diet for pancreatic disorders. blueberries, mushrooms & yogurt??? What about the rest of real food -- good or bad?? Fish, broccoli, rice, potatoes...?? I'm having difficulties in looking for a list of what I can and shouldn't eat. Or does it not really matter? The red wine is good news though.
  47. 47
    aprilrain Says:
    ezcema is more then likely be caused by a congested liver. Your liver is the main detox organ in the body & if it is congested & the Glutathione is depleted or very low then you will be getting alot free radical damage. Free radicals can damage any organ in the body. If your glutathione level wasn't low before pancreatitis it more then likely is after a attack.
  48. 48
    Kelly Says:
    What is the corelation between egzima and malabsorption/pancreatic disorders?
  49. 49
    Linda Says:
    I went to my gastroenterologist 3 years ago and told him I thought I had a malabsorption problem. He wanted to put me on antibiotics thinking it was a bacterial problem in the gut. I said no, that the antibiotics will further wreck my but flora. I got disgusted, So I stupidly started the Atkins diet, and my stomach cramps and gas stopped, for one year, 7 months, but now I have kidney stones. Two weeks ago I went back to the gastro doctor and "demanded" further testing. No celiac sprue showed up, no blocked ducts showed up on an ultrasound but my fecal stool fat was high (atkins?). I also am not absorbing Vitamin D and have been told "it's the equivelent of Rickets". Funny, my Momther is low in D also, and suffers from GERD. I know that I have had the malabsorption problem since childhood since I have a severe ezcema, but no one gave it a name.
  50. 50
    Chronic Pancreatitis Says:
    I too have been suffering with CP for about 2 years. I've had my gallbladder out, which didn't seem to matter, and I've had stents put in my pancreatic duct twice. The first time I was pain free for about 1 1/2 years. The last one only gave me no pain for about 3 months. I've learned thru trial and error NEVER to eat a big meal---of anything. Small amounts all day. Yogurt seems to agree with me very well. I'm trying to cut fat out, eating only small amounts daily. I haven't tried the red wine---but do like it. I've read that apple juice is very good. I'm adding that to me diet now. It's very frustating to be in pain all the time. I travel a lot and that has become a huge challenge for me. I'm working on changing my diet completly and trying to be very positive!
  51. 51
    Mac Says:
    I just had my 2nd acute attack with 8 day hospitalization, it's terrifying how it hits you like a sucker punch in the belly. I quit drinking 6 years ago and had a better than average diet. I started smoking again a couple years back and now after this new attack thats done too. I have less than 40 grams of fat a day and my recovery is much slower, scarier and less result driven than last time. Dont forget what pancreatitis is, if you forget to take care of yourself your playing with your longevity. Lot's of sacrifices i've made over this last 2 months (since last attack). Food, exercise and trying to stay on the up and up. And to quit my job to help me change my lifestyle. I make much less money now but think i'll live much longer. If you keep your pancreas healthy you will have no problems, just remember to eat and live healthy otherwise your one step closer to another attack which may be less fortunate, example multiple organ failure or horrible infection. I'm 30 years old and I hope I can keep this healthy living as i have so many obstacles to face each day and know how easy it is to slide when you feel better, today it was my friends birthday and I wouldnt eat cake... how can someone just suddenly have an attack and be obligated to change the way they live and think. In my town there has been many cases of pancreatitis...I wonder if pulp and paper mill have something to do with it or if a restaurant serves something bad. I know 4 people who've had it in the last 2 months in a community of 30000. As for the red wine stuff I would stay away from it myself. Alcohol is the worst thing for pancreatitis, how can red wine be ok? Hope you all live a long healthy happy life.. Mac
  52. 52
    Cynthia Says:
    Sounds just like me and now I am trying the red wine! Hope it does the same for me. Is it still working for you?
  53. 53
    Baby.wit.Chronic.Pancreatitis Says:
    my dad,his grandpa an me all have cp..we dont kno if i got hereditary yet cuz the test is hella expensive but pretty sure lol...i was a pretty big partier but it hurts hella bad wen i drink,, like id rather die than feel that kinda pain again so i had to learn my lesson a few times but now i dont drink at all i jus smoke hella tree an it helps alot wit nuasea,pain,bathroom (after all the pain meds)lol, and hella keeps me happy through all this crazy ass shit.. but unfortunatly im still in an outa the hospital every few months im bout to get the ercp an they gonna cut the duct or some shit an im hella scared cuz only lasts a few months to a couple years an thats hella surjury for bein only 17! im kinda iffy about trien red wine(im even scared to eat anything all day) but if u havnt had an attack for 2 yearss? i guess i can try lol does it hurt to drink it?
  54. 54
    linda franklin Says:
    I thought all alcohol was out. Wouldn't red grapes work as well?
  55. 55
    Chronic Pancreatitis Says:
    I have been a long sufferer of Pancreatitis. Since I was fifteen, I have been to the hospital roughly a hundred times. I am 28 now. I have had my gallbladder removed, stents placed in my bile ducts, and was even tested to see if I have the gene for hereditary pancreatitis, which I do. Nothing seemed to work for me. I even followed all the typical procedures-low fat diet, stress free lifestyle, and NO ALCOHOL. Even after following these methods, I still would get sick. It became very frustrating, so I ended up losing all hope. Well a few years ago, I started to become a wino. I really fell in love with the taste of red wine, and all the benefits that go along with it. I have not had a pancreatic attack for 2 years, and this has been an absolutely miracle for me. I try to drink at least one glass of red wine daily, and I will only stick with red wine. I don't mix any other alcohol with it. I must say, I wish doctor's would have told me YEARS ago to drink red wine. It would have saved me much agony and pain in my young life.
  56. 56
    Debbie Says:
    I haven't had it for 6 years, but whenever I think it might be flaring up I have my doctor order a "lipid panel" with my lipase and amalayse levels. If they are up I go back to a liquid diet and don't eat for a few days. So far so good. Debbie
  57. 57
    Claudia Says:
    Dear Miss Diagnosed, I suffer from CP. I have been in ICU 3 times in the last year, each stay 5-9 days. I monitor my diet but not as well as I should. I would love communication with you to discuss our CP. I want to learn how to control it. The pain is so unbarable and I really do not like being hospitalized. I am open for suggestions. Thank you, Claudine Sanchez
  58. 58
    miss diagnosed Says:
    this information was of great help to me as i suffer from pancreatitus. the best advice i am reading here is to eat blueberries, spinach and the mushrooms. excellent and thank yu so much for the suggestions. i've been on my own clear liquid diet for 3 days now and i'm ready to move towards solids gradually. beginning with the yogurt, 1/2 slice of toast with seedless jam, peppermint tea (herbal of course) it cools the pain down,,, great relief.... also i will eat small amounts every 1/2 hour instead of the entire meal at once... this should give my pancreas a chance to rest and not be overworked ..... be blessed anyone who deals with this dis-ease. thanks again for the info here. sincerely, miss diagnosed (oh yes, for about 3 years finally finding out it was my pancreas... almost lost a gall bladder by mistake.... funny, that's why they still call it a medical 'practice'.... love it!
  59. 59
    Tina Says:
    Definitely Probiotics, but there is a new product out on the market since they have found that red wine has wonderful benefits also, research Reseveratrol. Barbara Walters did a documentary on this I believe on 20/20 about a month ago.
  60. 60
    Anna M Says:
    Great info on Pancreatitis and eating to help manage this condition! Top on my list are blueberries (for awesome antioxidant properties) and probiotics. I've been finding out more and more about probiotics lately, and have started adding a multi-strain supplement to my yogurt for added strains. I like Nutri-Health's Flora Source the best, but have heard good things about Culturelle, FloraStor and others as well. Any way you get 'em, probiotics can be a great health benefit.