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The Top 3 Most Common Causes of Green Mucus – Part 2

3) Cold virus. Sometimes the common cold can be one of the green mucus causes. You could be exhibiting regular cold or flu symptoms, such as dry cough, runny nose, and/or a sore throat, but all this could lead to mucus accumulation as well. Remember though, that these symptoms do not need to be treated by antibiotics, and antibiotics will not help. Antibiotics need to be taken only in the case of a viral infection, but they still won’t help you get rid of green mucus. That is a misconception, which is commonly abused with the over- of antibiotics from family physicians. However, not only will the antibiotics not help treat green mucus, but they could also prove harmful if taken in excess. Some people have reported that they have caused skin infections and ear infections.

There are various other less common green mucus causes. Sometimes green mucus may be expelled when the person is suffering from respiratory tract infections. It may come from the bottom of the respiratory tract or it can form right at the top in the nose and mouth area. In rare cases it may even come from the upper esophagus. Some less common green mucus causes include:

Hay fever
Acute bronchitis
COPD , particularly in chronic bronchitis
Lung abscess
Cystic fibrosis

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