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Reasons to Take a Food Sensitivity Test

We have all heard of food allergy tests. These tests are common and usually test you for everything from allergies to plants to specific foods. These are normally skin tests where they physically see if you are having an allergic reaction to the many substances they use. Food sensitivity tests, on the other hand, test your blood to learn which foods you are best able to digest. Over two hundred different foods and additives are tested and rate them based on your body’s tolerance of the food. Below are some reasons why everyone should take a food allergy test.

Reasons to Take a Food Sensitivity Test

1) You Will Lose Weight
Ever wonder why other are eating similar healthy foods as you yet they seem to be dropping the pounds? It is not always all about diet and exercise. Your body might have a sensitivity to something you are eating which is preventing your body from properly metabolizing the food. They can also lead you to have particular food craving that make you hungrier than before you ate. If you can identify these foods you can approach you diet with a complete understanding of which foods best serve your body.

2) Headaches

Do you experience constant migraine headaches but you cannot identify the ? Food allergies and sensitivities can be causing the headaches. Obviously not all persistant headaches are from food, food allergies can constrict your blood vessels, impacting blood flow to the brain. A food sensitivity test may be your saving grace.

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