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More Reasons to Take a Food Sensitivity Test

3) Some Foods Cause Pain
Believe it or not some foods can cause joint pain and inflammation. Dairy, one of the most common food allergens, can cause pain, fatigue and bloating. Some people react to the hormones and anti-biotics given to cows, while others have sensitivity toward when and casein protein. Food sensitivity tests can pinpoint how and why milk, or other foods, are causing you pain.

More Reasons to Take a Food Sensitivity Test

4) Complementary
Many reputable companies work directly with doctors to not only supply the food sensitivity test, but also outline a new diet program. They offer tips about how implement these changes to your diet and how and when to re-introduce borderline foods back into your diet. Food sensitivity tests not only identify problem foods, but also identify which foods you are least sensitive to and should therefore be a major component of your diet.

5) Easy to Read Reports

Unlike lab reports from a blood test at a doctor’s office, these results are easy to read and understand. Most are color coded and make it easy to understand your results so you can always use it to consult and to keep on file with all your medical professionals including nutritionists, personal trainers and dieticians. This information will make their jobs easier as well.

Food sensitivity tests are remarkable. You will learn things about your health and diet that you would have never imagined. They are reasonably priced and I urge everyone to get one. The younger you are when you find out the details the greater impact it will have over the course of your life. Just think: your children will no longer have to learn the hard way.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.