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Nut Allergies in Kids Causes Feelings of Being Excluded

Severe food allergies in children are a serious topic. Kids that suffer from an allergic reaction to nuts face a life threatening condition known as anaphylactic shock. While food allergies are finally being recognized in the medical community, there is a lot that is involved in trying to protect the kids from exposure to nuts.

Nut Allergies in Kids

Children that are allergic to nuts can be affected simply through something else that was exposed to nuts. The requirements are pretty extensive and kids are aware of the problem. Schools try to go to extensive lengths to avoid exposure, but kids often feel ostracized due to their allergy. Other kids as well as parents may cause social problems due to the requirements needed for the few that experience allergies. Education is the answer, so that everyone is aware of the allergies and everyone feels that they can contribute and help.


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